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Barbie Movie

  1. plastic
    Meet EcoWarrior BarbieShe’s made out of mushrooms, named after Greta Thunberg, and is definitely not a real Mattel product.
  2. barbie movie
    Suddenly Everyone Wants AllanResale prices for Ken’s discontinued bestie have reportedly skyrocketed since Barbie’s release.
  3. let’s go party
    How Did Ken Get So Buff?And every other thought we had while watching Barbie.
  4. plastic
    The Girls’ Guide to the BarbieverseMattel’s vast valley of the dolls stretches way beyond Barbie.
  5. snacks
    Eating $44 Grilled Cheese With BarbieDinner at the Malibu Barbie Café in Manhattan is an “experience.”
  6. always shopping
    You’re a Barbie GirlNo fewer than 18 new designer collaborations with Mattel allow anyone to be the doll of her dreams.
  7. cut covers
    Into the DollhouseAmerica Ferrera taught a generation of women to reject traditional beauty standards. So what’s she doing in the Barbie movie?
  8. getting ready with
    Nothing But Respect for My President BarbieHow Issa Rae got ready for the L.A. Barbie premiere, and her ideal way of channeling royalty.
  9. real estate
    Who Told Ken He Could Rent Out Barbie’s House?This isn’t our bronzed himbo sidekick. This is the Barbie marketing machine run amok.
  10. barbie
    Ryan Gosling’s Transformation Into Ken Is CompleteAnd seemingly irreversible.