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  1. plastic
    Meet EcoWarrior BarbieShe’s made out of mushrooms, named after Greta Thunberg, and is definitely not a real Mattel product.
  2. barbie movie
    Suddenly Everyone Wants AllanResale prices for Ken’s discontinued bestie have reportedly skyrocketed since Barbie’s release.
  3. let’s go party
    How Did Ken Get So Buff?And every other thought we had while watching Barbie.
  4. plastic
    The Girls’ Guide to the BarbieverseMattel’s vast valley of the dolls stretches way beyond Barbie.
  5. barbie
    I’m a Barbie BoyI was ashamed of finding joy in femininity as a kid. Barbiemania has helped me let that all go.
  6. snacks
    Eating $44 Grilled Cheese With BarbieDinner at the Malibu Barbie Café in Manhattan is an “experience.”
  7. babies
    Congratulations to Greta Gerwig on Her Other ProjectShe and her partner, Noah Baumbach, welcomed a second child earlier this year.
  8. always shopping
    You’re a Barbie GirlNo fewer than 18 new designer collaborations with Mattel allow anyone to be the doll of her dreams.
  9. All the Best Looks From All the Barbie LandsWelcome to Barbie Land.
  10. cut covers
    Into the DollhouseAmerica Ferrera taught a generation of women to reject traditional beauty standards. So what’s she doing in the Barbie movie?
  11. getting ready with
    Nothing But Respect for My President BarbieHow Issa Rae got ready for the L.A. Barbie premiere, and her ideal way of channeling royalty.
  12. let’s go party
    Send Me to Barbie Land ImmediatelyThe Barbie movie is a welcome salve for our weary bimbo souls.
  13. real estate
    Who Told Ken He Could Rent Out Barbie’s House?This isn’t our bronzed himbo sidekick. This is the Barbie marketing machine run amok.
  14. barbie
    Ryan Gosling’s Transformation Into Ken Is CompleteAnd seemingly irreversible.
  15. year in review
    Could Anyone Keep Track of This Year’s Microtrends?In 2022, fashion was defined by the hyperspecific avatars we chose to shape our wardrobes.
  16. gimme
    Will the Barbie Movie Save 2023?The power of Margot Robbie’s wink suggests that yes, it will.
  17. celebrity
    Why Is Margot Robbie ‘Mortified’ by Those Barbie Photos?If I were photographed Rollerblading in a leotard in Venice Beach, I’d be posting about it for weeks.
  18. barbie
    Ryan Gosling Was Made to Play Ken“That Kenergy has always been there,” the actor says.
  19. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About the Barbie MovieEach behind-the-scenes look is a sparkly pink hit of nostalgia and dopamine.
  20. let’s makeup
    Iconic Influencer Launches LipstickShe’s teaming up with M.A.C Cosmetics.
  21. wellness
    World’s Busiest Career Woman Finally Engages in Self-CareMeet Wellness Barbie.
  22. culture
    Barbie’s Latest Makeover Is Mostly JuvédermRIP to Barbie’s signature natural look.
  23. cfda awards
    What Do Barbie, Tom Ford, and Michael Bloomberg Have in Common?Think about it.
  24. spring 2019 fashion issue
    Barbie’s Finally Found Her True Calling: InfluencerIt’s a perfect career for the eternal teenager with an ever-evolving wardrobe and enviable hair.
  25. art
    A Mexican Court Has Blocked Sales of the Controversial Frida Kahlo Barbie DollMattel has faced criticism ever since the doll was released last month.
  26. iconic
    There’s Now a 96-Year-Old Style Icon BarbieIris Apfel gets the Mattel treatment.
  27. dolls
    Salma Hayek Has Weighed In on the Frida Kahlo Barbie DollKahlo’s family criticized it earlier this week.
  28. art
    Frida Kahlo’s Family Is Upset About Her Barbie Doll“I would have liked the doll to have traits more like Frida’s, not this doll with light-colored eyes.”
  29. it’s a barbie world
    Here’s Why the New Plus-size Ken Doll Is Called ‘Broad’Ken has been reimagined.
  30. body diversity
    Model Ashley Graham on Why We Need Curvy BarbiesThe curve model and body-image activist got her own doll.
  31. it’s a barbie world
    This Is the First Barbie With Thighs That Actually TouchModel Ashley Graham has her own curvy Barbie, and she insisted it have no thigh gap.
  32. year of beyonce
    Beyoncé Just Hinted That She Wants to Be Made Into a Barbie, and We’re Into ItYour move, Mattel.
  33. saturday night live
    Young Girls Don’t Get Why President Barbie Is A Big Deal In SNL Spoof“She comes with sunglasses and Snapchat, though.”
  34. body positivity
    Why Whoopi Goldberg and Her Daughter Chewed Off Barbie’s Arms“I wanted to explain to her that she didn’t have to look like that.”
  35. body positivity
    Misty Copeland Has Her Own Barbie Doll“She has muscles and calves and thighs and a bust.”
  36. See SNL’s Take on the New BarbieKate McKinnon’s Sturdy Barbie is just what we need.
  37. exes
    Ex-Boyfriends of the World Get Their Own Ken DollsNeeds more neckbeard.
  38. fashion
    What We Need is ‘New Mom Barbie’Why stop at three new dolls?
  39. body positivity
    Barbie Inches Closer to RealityShe’ll come in three new sizes: curvy, tall, and petite.
  40. hot shot
    Even Barbie Wants Kim Kardashian’s Makeup ArtistLife in plastic, it’s fantastic.
  41. who runs the world?
    This Is the First Female Face Google Finds When You Search ‘CEO’ She leans in on plastic elbows.
  42. look of the day
    Katy Perry Wore a Furry Pink BlanketBy Moschino.
  43. milan dispatch
    13 More Glamorous Moments From Milan Fashion WeekLife-size Barbies, Amy Adams, Nietzsche, and lollipops.
  44. q&a
    Sewing for Barbie Gave Cynthia Vincent Her ChopsDoll-size bathing suits and caftans: the perfect training for a designer.
  45. malibu nightmare house
    Do Grown Women Really Want to Dress Like Barbie?Mattel thinks so.
  46. what a doll
    Mattel Is Making a Karl Lagerfeld BarbieWill it come with a Monaco Dream House?
  47. dream casting
    Fantasy-Casting the Barbie MovieThe Cut casts the upcoming live-action Barbie franchise. 
  48. our barbies ourselves
    My Barbies Had So Much Sex. It Was Great.From plastic humping to swimsuit modeling — why Barbie’s sexiness matters.
  49. toy story
    Interview: Barbie Birkin and the Most Glamorous Instagram Account of Them AllRich dolls of Instagram.
  50. toys
    Barbie’s Still So LucrativeWay more lucrative than feminism.
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