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Barneys Co Op

  1. flew the coop
    Barneys Rebranding Co-ops As Regular BarneysOnly ten remain.
  2. mysteries
    Wait, Do Models Really Eat Quarters?Is this a “thing”?
  3. loose threads
    American Airlines Lost Miranda Kerr’s Wedding Dress; Barneys Is Overhauling Its Co-op StoresPlus, Harriet Mays Powell launched a new fashion website.
  4. buyer’s guide
    Slideshow: Sixteen Limited-Edition Items to Snag at the New Brooklyn Barneys Co-opBig-name designers created exclusive items for the chain’s 25th anniversary.
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Marc Jacobs X Moleskine NotebookThis limited-edition version sports an arty (but unfussy) scribble print.
  6. legal issues
    Barneys Co-op Draws Ire for Its NameThe Park Slope Food Coop is considering taking Barneys to court over its “misuse” of the word.
  7. mantasticness
    Jack Spade Launches Men’s ApparelThe men’s line will launch for fall 2009 with a capsule collection hitting stores for spring 2009.