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    The Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors on Amazon, According to ReviewersIncluding several under $50.
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    What’s the Best Beard Trimmer?I dragged a bunch across my face and picked the five best.
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    The Plastic Mushroom That’s Saved Me Thousands in Plumbing FeesPop the hair catcher in your bathtub drain, and it’ll trap virtually everything.
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    Deal of the Day: A Turkish Hammam Bath Towel for Under $50It’s 30 percent off and would make a great beach towel, too.
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    Showering With This Filter Is Like Bathing in EvianMy hair and skin have never been better.
  6. this thing's incredible
    Switching to This Maroon Toothpaste Cleared Up My SkinI noticed the difference after about a week of brushing.
  7. this thing's incredible
    The Best Bubble Bath Creates Mountains of Frothy PeaksIt’s meant for babies, but perfect for adults.
  8. fugly week
    The UFO-like Toothbrush That Keeps My Teeth Professionally CleanEver since I started using the self-sanitizing sonic toothbrush, my dentist has never been happier.
  9. made in japan
    This Japanese Body-Scrub Towel Makes Showering So Much More PleasantIt’s infused with binchotan, a.k.a. the charcoal of Japanese oak.
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    Deal of the Day: Very Happy Polka-dotted Bath TowelsIt’s official — spring is here.
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    This Fabric Spray Is Dry Shampoo for Your ApartmentIt’s like an upscale, pet-friendly Febreze.
  12. this thing's incredible
    I Bathed for Two and a Half Hours Because of This TrayIt’s turned my tub into a relaxation center.
  13. people's choice
    The 9 Best Bathrobes on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding terry-cotton, satin, kimono, and knee-length.
  14. one-stop shop
    The Best Bathroom EssentialsFrom bathroom décor to the best plunger, nail clipper, and bath towels.
  15. Best Bet: Submarino Bathroom AccessoriesThe individual pieces are magnetized so that they can form a single submarine.