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Battle Of The Sexes

  1. lgbtq issues
    The Best Part of Battle of the Sexes Isn’t the Tennis, It’s the Queer Love StoryAnd that’s a big deal.
  2. violations
    Natalie Morales Calls Paparazzi Who Took Creepy Photos ‘Horrifying’The photographer sent her explicit photos of Morales’s “wardrobe malfunction” at red-carpet premiere.
  3. battle of the sexes
    Emma Stone Discusses Battle of the Sexes’ Parallels to Trump’s Election“It still feels like we’re in a bad dream.”
  4. fatherhood
    Men, Stop Pretending You’re the Only Ones Scared of ParenthoodBabies are universally terrifying, okay?
  5. Heaven Forbid a Woman Propose to Her BeauSince today is Leap Year day it’s acceptable for women to propose to men. Lord knows why, but it has something to do with a nunnery in fifth century Ireland. Do we really want to get into it? Nah.