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    Melania Is Doing NFTs NowThe proceeds will go toward her ‘Be Best’ initiative, which is apparently ongoing.
  2. be best
    Melania Is a Blogger NowHer newest essay, posted on Whitehouse.gov, focuses on a fake friend she will not name.
  3. be best
    Checking in on the Be Best Initiative, a Week After Trump Called Omarosa a ‘Dog’Melania said social media can be “destructive and harmful when used incorrectly.” Indeed!
  4. power
    Woman Who Climbed Statue of Liberty Wore a Melania Trump-Inspired Dress to Court“I REALLY CARE, WHY WON’T U?”
  5. copy best
    Melania Trump’s New ‘Be Best’ Booklet Basically Copies an Obama PamphletOops.
  6. uhh
    Melania Trump Unveils Confusing New Initiative“Be Best” is about cyberbullying and also the opioid crisis?