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Beach Bodies

  1. self-improvement
    11 Dogs Working on Their Beach BodiesLook what we’ve done.
  2. at the beach
    10 Men on Bathing Suits and Body AngstReflections on Speedos, waxing, and Brad Pitt.
  3. at the beach
    Living in L.A. Made Me Get Over My Body IssuesLife as a 2.5 in the land of the permanent beachbod.
  4. beach bodies
    TMZ and the Quest for Equality in Fat-ShamingSure, it would be nice if no one were fat-shamed. But if women are, why not Chris Brown?
  5. Gloria Steinem: Leave Kim’s Body AloneMore like: Leave all women’s bodies alone.
  6. bikini kill
    One-Piece Swimsuits Officially In AgainAll diet-based New Year’s resolutions hereby canceled.