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Bearing Children

  1. maternal health
    What It’s Like to Be a Doula for Women of ColorSix doulas in New York City discuss the challenges of their jobs.
  2. pregnancy
    All the Weirdest Early Signs of PregnancyHaters will tell you to take “a test.”
  3. get a hobby
    Is Having a Kid a Hobby?Well, it definitely gives you new hobbies.
  4. bearing children
    Congress Is Threatening Kids’ Health CareGrown-ups are supposed to help kids stay healthy.
  5. bearing children
    How Much Would You Pay to Monitor Your Baby?Yesterday, the New York Times laid out some options.
  6. bearing children
    It’s Okay to Politicize Your Child When Politics Are Threatening His LifeRepublicans are endangering health care for American families, again.
  7. bearing children
    Bearing Children: How to Bring Your Baby to the Office for a VisitFirst, don’t expect it to be fun (for you).
  8. bearing children
    The Surprising and Not-Surprising Effects of Listening to a Baby CryIt might make you better at video games, for one.
  9. bearing children
    Ending a Pregnancy Because of Down Syndrome Is Not a Precursor to EugenicsIt’s a personal choice.
  10. bearing children
    What to Do When You Forget the Name of Your Friend’s BabyThis is a high-stakes social situation.
  11. parenthood
    13 Women on What Sleep Training Feels Like“Sleep training is one of those things that sounds great in the parenting books you read before giving birth.”
  12. bearing children
    Marie Kondo’s 2-Year-Old Can Fold Socks With Surprising ExactnessA delightful update on the organizational guru, now a mother of two.
  13. bearing children
    Breastfeeding Is for OverachieversMoms with privilege often strive for the parenting versions of gold-star standards.
  14. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Found Support in Unexpected PlacesThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  15. bearing children
    Pumping Breast Milk Just Got a Little Bit More SeriousAfter a tragedy, the CDC released new and more extensive guidelines for cleaning pump parts.
  16. bearing children
    How to Tell If Your Baby Is UglyA social experiment I haven’t tried, but you could.
  17. bearing children
    The Woman Trying to Find Out Why So Many Americans Still Die in ChildbirthNina Martin, along with her colleagues at ProPublica and NPR, is telling the human stories behind the numbers.
  18. bearing children
    7 Parents Terrified They Won’t Be Able to Afford Their Kids’ Health CareAs the Senate tackles health care, parents with medically vulnerable kids explain why they’re frightened.
  19. bearing children
    The Parenting Practices That Aren’t Bougie IndulgencesBreastfeeding and parental leave aren’t like expensive sandwiches.
  20. The Upside of Other Parents and Their KidsNo mom is an island.
  21. bearing children
    The New GOP Bill Would Be a Disaster for Families Like MineMy son has an incurable disease with financial costs that aren’t going away.
  22. bearing children
    The Best High-Fashion Dadcore LooksWhatever you’re wearing, shield it in this see-through plastic jacket from Balenciaga.
  23. bearing children
    What Makes a Good Dad?A fundraising spot depicts what might be a new breed of dads.
  24. bearing children
    Soon-to-Be Parents Should Get to Know Their FloorsBuying some crappy rug isn’t quite enough to prepare for life with a baby.
  25. bearing children
    The Best Way to Eat With a Toddler Is to Embrace WeirdDon’t shy away from what seems strange or gross.
  26. bearing children
    Is There Such a Thing As a Motherhood Sweet Spot?For the first time, women in their early 30s are having more babies than any other age. Why?
  27. bearing children
    Shoelaces: Do Moms Have Time for Them?An inquiry into maternal footwear.
  28. bearing children
    The Reality That Hits When Mother’s Day Is OverCan we use the feelings we have toward our moms to improve the facts of motherhood?
  29. bearing children
    All I Want for Mother’s Day Is a HangoverIt’s the gift I’m giving myself.
  30. bearing children
    For Parents Like Me, Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue Feels All Too Familiar“No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life.”
  31. bearing children
    I Finally Understand Online Mom DramaBecause sometimes I participate.