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  1. rude
    Please Stop Body-shaming This BearLeave Angela alone.
  2. dreaming
    What Does It Mean If You’re Dreaming About Bears?Are you feeling threatened? In need of rest? Desperate to reconnect with nature? Bear dreams hold many meanings.
  3. movies
    Are You Ready for Cocaine Bear?Here’s the real story of how “a 500-pound apex predator” wound up doing a “staggering” amount of blow.
  4. rejoice
    Congratulations to This Fat BearMeet Otis, a four-time Fat Bear Week champion.
  5. political animals
    Would You Vote for This Bear?“The Beast” would like to be California’s next governor.
  6. fat bear week
    All Hail Our New Fat Bear KingLet’s give it up for the Earl of Avoirdupois, the winner of this year’s Fat Bear Week.
  7. holidays
    The Most Glorious Week of the Year Is Finally HereVoting for Fat Bear Week has begun.
  8. bears
    I Want to Believe That a Bear Saved This Toddler“Bears don’t do that,” a bear researcher says … but there is a first time for everything!
  9. animals
    These Bears Did Nothing WrongIn defense of eating 49 bars of chocolate out of an unlocked car.
  10. nature is beautiful
    What Is Fat Bear Week and Why Is It So Good?Everything to know about America’s premier competition for the fattest bears.
  11. What the heck
    This Trump Hotel Website Is Beyond WeirdWhat exactly is happening here?
  12. here’s to summer
    Kick Off Your Labor Day Weekend With This Bear Pool PartyHere’s to summer.
  13. Hibernating Bears Hold Clues to Human ObesityEat, nap, repeat.
  14. hairy situations
    Revenant Bear Carcass Found Backstage at Rick Owens“They’re all different shapes, some oblong, some oval.”
  15. man jewelry
    How Would One Wear Buffalo Bill’s Menacing Bear-Claw Necklace?Simple beads, long-scary-dangerous bear claws. 
  16. Kate Winslet Named Her Son BearA baby bear.
  17. daddy issues
    Rise of the ‘Daddies’: A New (and Sexy) Gay NicheIn the ongoing effort of homo-taxonomy, a porny compliment has entered the mainstream.