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Beauty Best Bets

  1. best bet
    The Best Drugstore SunscreenUnder $10. 
  2. A Cleanser That Takes It All OffBut isn’t a stripper. 
  3. best bet
    A Bright But Sheer Lipstick for Hot Summer DaysLike a sundress for your lips.
  4. Look, It’s the Cutest Eye Mask EverGet rid of your dark circles with these panda eye patches.
  5. best bet
    A Dreamy Vintage-Inspired Beauty CollectionIntroducing Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson. 
  6. best bet
    A Pastel Polish That GlowsJust barely pink.
  7. best bet
    The One and Only Brow PencilTruly the one. 
  8. best bet
    The Best Shampoo to Purify Your HairLike green juice in shampoo form. 
  9. The Easiest Way to Fake-Tan This SummerSo simple. 
  10. best bet
    The Fastest-Drying Smudge-Free Nail PolishDon’t wait for it.
  11. best bet
    A Makeup Remover That Can Tackle Any Waterproof MascaraWith zero tugging or harsh maneuvers.
  12. best bet
    The Moisturizer to Help You Get Beauty SleepSo soft, so silky. 
  13. best bet
    How to Have the Most Luxurious (and Cheapest) Bubble Bath Even if you’re not Oprah. 
  14. best bet
    Cute Korean Chap Sticks Better Than Bonne BellReally. 
  15. best bet
    How to Contour Your Face If You’re Not a KardashianJust the right amounts of glow and cheekbone definition.  
  16. best bet
    How to Get Kate Moss’s Expertly Tousled HairAn I-was-too-busy-partying-to-wash-my-hair look.
  17. best bet
    How to Get Perfectly Curly EyelashesNo pinching or perming required. 
  18. best bet
    Finally, a Good Dry Shampoo for Brunettes No ghostly roots.
  19. best bet
    Deluxe Lip Balm for Rosy, Moisturized LipsSo fancy. 
  20. best bets
    Super-Shiny Nail Polish That Actually Won’t ChipSo much glitter. 
  21. best bet
    A Pencil to Magically Spruce Up Your BrowsDraw it on like you’re in art class. 
  22. best bet
    Justin Bieber Uses a Fancy, Magical ShampooMade, of course, from crushed pearls. 
  23. best bet
    The ‘Supermodel Tan’ That Actually Looks NaturalShimmery, but not porny.
  24. best bets
    An Eye Cream That Helps You Fake Drinking WaterAnd channel Cate Blanchett.
  25. best bet
    A Matte Lipstick Marker You Only Have to Apply OnceAnd then forget about it. 
  26. best bets
    Smudgeproof Mascara That’s Practically BionicTruly no smudges. 
  27. best bet
    A French Face Mask That Feels Like a Second SkinNot in a creepy Hannibal Lecter way. 
  28. best bets
    The Perfect Makeup Kit for Summer TravelA new collaboration between designer Jonathan Cohen and Shu Uemura.
  29. best bets
    The Red-Wine Serum That Makes Pores Look TinyJust don’t drink it. 
  30. best bet
    The Under-Eye Concealer That Lets You Cover a Little or a LotConcealed weapons against dark under-eye circles. 
  31. Best Bet: Eminence Neroli Age-Corrective Eye SerumProof that all-natural retinols work. 
  32. best bets
    Best Bet: Fresh Sugar Tulip Tinted Lip TreatmentTulips for your two lips.