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    How to Give Yourself a Face MassageFirst — we cannot stress this enough — wash your hands.
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    A Party Hairstyle for DummiesIt’s a ponytail, but better.
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    How to Get Soft Waves Like Kim KardashianA celebrity hairstylist explains.
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    5 Easy Workout Moves From a Victoria’s Secret ModelYes, even you can do it.
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    The Transformative Powers of Bright LipstickHow to instantly perk up your face.
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    An Easy Look From Selena Gomez’s Makeup ArtistGet glowy in five minutes.
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    How to Enhance Bushy EyebrowsMaking good brows great.
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    How to Look Better in One MinuteA lesson on cream blush. 
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    Mad Max’s Furiosa Is the Ultimate Last-Minute Halloween CostumeTo become the Mad Max star, you’ll only need three products.
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    The Easiest Cookie Lyon Halloween TutorialEven Boo Boo Kitty could manage this one.
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    How to Nail the Cleopatra Cat-Eye for HalloweenIn seven easy steps.
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    How To Create a Glowy Eye Look for NightLook like you’re bathed in candlelight even when you’re on the subway.
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    The Trick to Getting the Perfect Cat EyeMeow.
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    How to Believably Fill in Your BrowsSo they don’t look drawn. 
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    The World’s Easiest Way to Highlight Your FaceHow to strobe like a pro.
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    How to Look Amazing in Under 10 MinutesA makeup artist’s everyday skin routine.
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    How to Rein In Your Lower AbsBecause guacamole is delicious.
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    Use a Flatiron to Get Perfect Easy WavesWeird, but trust us, it works.
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    How to Master an Easy Updo for Curly HairAlicia Keys’s hairstylist explains.
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    How to Get Rid of Frizz in 15 MinutesSmoother hair, stat! 
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    How to Apply Clip-In Extensions for Curly HairBig body in a tiny amount of time.
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    How to Contour Easily Without Going Too FarBlend, blend, blend. 
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    How to Contour Your Face Without All the WorkEasy does it. 
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    How to Avoid Having Splotchy BronzerApply it up to your ears. Really. 
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    How to Make Your Eye Shadow Actually Stay OnWithout using primer.
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    How to Have Greasy Hair and Not Look CrazyThe “wet-hair look,” in eight easy steps. 
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    How to Give Yourself a Salon-Worthy ManicureAll in the comfort of your own home. 
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    How to Totally Disguise Chipped Nail PolishUse the Windex of nail polish.
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    How to Draw a Galaxy on Your Nails Nail art for dummies.
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    How to Fake Thick, Healthy BrowsBecause growing in your eyebrows takes forever.
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    3 Easy, Fancy Ways to Wear a Hair Comb Like Keira KnightleyFancy.
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    How to Get the Perfect Brigitte Bardot BumpBetter than a Bumpit.
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    How to Get Perfectly Slept-in, Messy CurlsEmbrace the mousse. 
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    How to Look Sun-Kissed in the Dead of WinterA lesson in cream blush.
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    How to Get a Chic, Gray Smoky Eye for the HolidaysPerfect for the holiday party circuit.
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    How to Make Your Face Look Less ShinyIt’s all about powdering correctly.
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    How to Draw a Sophia Loren–Inspired Cat EyeMeow.
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    How to Perfectly Apply Your ConcealerNo cake-face here. 
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    How to Find Your Cheekbones for Perfect Makeup ApplicationBecause no one likes dolly blush.
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    How to Make Your Eyes Shimmer for HalloweenNo matter what your costume is.
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    How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and BrighterAn eye-shadow method called “the banana.”
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    Here’s Proof That Yellow Eye Shadow Can Look GoodMellow yellow.
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    How to Make Beige Eye Shadow Look BoldIt’s about the blend.
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    How to Create a Dolce & Gabbana–Inspired Floral ChainNot to be confused with a flower crown.
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    How to Give Yourself a Japanese Face MassageIt’s all about hitting the pressure points.
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    How to Apply Your Skin Care CorrectlyThere’s an order.
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    How to Make Your Foundation Last ForeverA little really does go a long way.
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    How to Correctly Apply Eye CreamSomething a little more complicated than smearing wildly.
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    How to Make Your Eyes Look More AwakeWithout just using white luminizer.
  50. How to Get Shower-Radiant, Dewy SkinLook constantly refreshed, all day.
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