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Beauty Is Pain

  1. beauty is pain
    The Meanest Facialist in New York Made Me CryWho gives the most painful facials to supermodels in NYC?
  2. pretty hurts
    I Tried the World’s Most Painful FacialAnd I loved it.
  3. sex diaries
    The Publicist Who Only Does Weeknight Sleepovers Under Extreme CircumstancesThis week’s sex diary.
  4. beauty is pain
    Indoor Tanning Salon Owners Blame Obamacare for Bad BusinessHarsh burn, dude.
  5. am i dying
    Why Do I Sneeze When I Tweeze My Eyebrows?A confused nerve might be to blame.
  6. hairy situations
    A Woman Sneezed While Using an Eyelash CurlerIt’s not pretty.
  7. beauty is pain
    Fashion Is Terrifying, and Now It’s Finally Got a Horror MovieThe Neon Demon makes you wonder why there aren’t more.
  8. beauty is pain
    Allison Williams Pierced Her Ear With a Safety PinAnd other celebrity piercing horror stories.
  9. beauty is pain
    Woman Commutes in Beauty Mask, Terrifies AllBoo! Ah.
  10. beauty is pain
    Jennifer Garner Wants Guys to Understand the Agony of Wearing a Nice Dress“Next thing you know, my ribs were compressed.”
  11. beauty is pain
    ‘Poshitis’: The Latest Recycled Fashion PlagueSymptoms include: torn muscles, inflamed shoulder tendons.