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  1. frenching
    What I Learned From My 11-Step French Head MassageSorry, here’s another thing the French do better.
  2. frenching
    How the French Perceive American BeautyOne Parisienne explains.
  3. what’s in your makeup?
    What You Don’t Know About the Rise of Korean BeautyThe Korean government is heavily invested in your beauty routine.
  4. beauty passport
    An Indian Beauty Editor on Ayurveda, Bollywood, and Breaking Down StereotypesThere’s no such thing as one “Indian beauty.”
  5. beauty passport
    Vodka on Your Skin? Beauty Secrets From a Russian Skin-Care ExpertShe talks about the benefits of steam baths and whether vodka is really good for your skin.
  6. beauty passport
    How Kate Middleton and Kate Moss Affect British Beauty Culture“There’s definitely no other European influence in terms of beauty. Who is more iconic in the world than Kate Moss and Kate Middleton?”
  7. beauty passport
    A Brazilian Beauty Editor on Her Secrets“I wouldn’t say beauty is pain in Brazil, but beauty is effort.”
  8. beauty passport
    A Chic French Beauty Editor Shares Her SecretsIncluding not too much makeup, diet, and attitude