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  1. backstage beauty lessons
    How to Get Wash-Out Holographic Hair ColorAnd four other beauty lessons from Paris Fashion Week.
  2. beautygrams
    The Isabel Marant Natural Drugstore LipstickAnd it doubles as a blush.
  3. hairy situations
    Being Too Lazy to Get Bang Trims Is Cool NowBehold, at Prada.
  4. runway beauty
    The Biggest Beauty Trend From New York Fashion WeekIt doesn’t involve any contouring.
  5. let’s makeup
    Marc Jacobs Had the Best Beauty Trend at Fashion WeekEach model got their own look.
  6. beautygrams
    Rick Owens Totally Covered His Models’ Faces in Gold LeafJust don’t try eating like this. 
  7. beautygrams
    Dior’s Pre-Fall Show Had Creepy-Cool Eyelid ArtRobotic.
  8. beautygrams
    Burberry Finally Gives Us a Red Lip Thank goodness someone is doing color this fashion month.
  9. wigging out
    The Making of Those Black Marc Jacobs WigsA behind-the-scenes look at the wigs from the show. 
  10. beautygrams
    Marc Jacobs’s Models Wore No Makeup WhatsoeverNot even Marc Jacobs makeup.
  11. Do These Crazy Eyebrow Rings Hurt?We asked all the models at Rodarte to find out.
  12. backstage beauty lessons
    5 Backstage Beauty Tips You Can Actually UseWe’ve been using surf spray wrong this whole time.
  13. beautygrams
    Lip Balm Is the New LipstickIt’s time to retire  your lipstick. 
  14. beautygrams
    Your Sweaty Face Is a Runway Beauty Trend But maybe only if it involves some light contouring.
  15. beautygrams
    Retro Eyebrows and Light Freckles at Adam SelmanLike a ‘60s model.
  16. beautygrams
    Modern-Day Charlotte Ramplings at Jason WuBouncy ponytails and contoured cheeks.
  17. beautygrams
    The Nerdiest Hair at Fashion Week (So Far)Magic cards showed up at Honor. 
  18. beautygrams
    Dior Cruise Debuts Double-Decker Eyeliner and Peter PhilipsAn architectural eye.
  19. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Tulip Lips and Frizz at BurberryLike being caught in a light rainstorm. 
  20. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Marc Jacobs’s 50 Shades of NudeNude is a color and Marc Jacobs found five new shades of it in the hair, nails, and makeup for his show. 
  21. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Glitter Lips and Princess Hair at RodarteThe stuff of childhood dreams.
  22. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Green Raccoon Eyes at Derek LamWelcoming the season’s first smoky eye.
  23. Beautygram: Alexander Wang’s Future BoysWeird, futuristic boyishness and bleached brows.
  24. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Minimal Glitter at Altuzarra “But if you look at the fur, it’s just so fucking genius. It is so playful that I wanted to be there with him.”
  25. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Sunburnt Cheeks and Virgin Hair at Prabal GurungNepalese beauties at Prabal Gurung.
  26. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Katharine Hepburn Liner and Sports Knots at rag & boneAnd “dreadlock-y” hair. 
  27. beautygrams
    Beautégram: Obscured Vision at A.F. VandevorstWhere everyone needs a massive bang trim.
  28. beautygrams
    Beautégram: Eighties Vampires at Roland MouretThey have graphic eyes and glossy raspberry lips.
  29. beautygrams
    Beautégram: These Lip Palettes Are a Big Deal in Paris Makeup artists have been using them on lips and cheeks all over.
  30. beautygrams
    Beautégram: How to Re-create Grungy French Girl HairThe nineties version has a little more height.
  31. beautygrams
    Beautégram: Boy Brows at Rochas No judgy arches here.
  32. beautygrams
    Beautégram: Braids at Nicolas Andreas TaralisIn a lazy, yet charming, way.
  33. beautygrams
    Beautygram: A Room of Joan Jetts at Marc JacobsPlus, the designer’s new collection of nail polishes!
  34. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Hair Pillows at Anna Sui We just want to take a nap in it.
  35. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Braids and Hair Rosettes at RodarteThe show was surf-inspired.
  36. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Chocolate Lips at 3.1 Phillip LimPlus, how to get Kate Moss hair.
  37. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Stained Lips at Derek LamCall it schlubby-chic.
  38. beautygrams
    Beautygram: ‘Cognac’ Ponytails at Alexander WangLiberty Ross was in disguise.
  39. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Army-Green Nails at Prabal Gurung For all you women warriors out there.
  40. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Floating Eye Liner at rag & boneThe look was sixties, but not too sixties.
  41. beautygrams
    Beautygram: How’d They Make Those Chignons at Jason Wu?Just took a little elbow grease.
  42. beautygrams
    Beautygram: Rose-Gold Eyes at Creatures of the WindPlus squiggly nail art!