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Because It’s Friday

  1. I’ll be there for you/When our next draft is due
    The Times When Lisa Kudrow and Sully Sullenberger Published Research PapersTim Duncan, Albert Einstein, Dr. Drew, and tons of other famous people have dabbled in psychology.
  2. because it’s friday
    There Is an Animal Whose Pee Smells Like Buttered PopcornYou’ve got to be kidding, nature.
  3. language
    The Universality of the Word HuhA weird finding just won a weird-science prize. 
  4. because it’s friday
    Elephants Yawn. Who Knew?Scientists didn’t until one was caught on video recently. 
  5. stock photos
    These Stock Images of Suicidal People Are RidiculousMaybe go with a generic “sad person” next time.
  6. health
    Obsessing Over Your Nails Is a Bad IdeaAccording to these fancy, new nail equations.
  7. dental health
    What’s the Best Form for Brushing Your Teeth? No One KnowsWe’re brushing in a dental — if not an existential — void.
  8. This How-People-Walk Toy Is Weirdly CaptivatingIs that what I look like?
  9. Chimpanzees Have Discovered Dumb Fashion TrendsThat sticking-grass-in-your-ear thing you thought was hilarious in preschool? Chimps just stole it.
  10. Watch a Video Full of Kids Lying Their Adorable Faces Off — for ScienceThey can’t help it! They’re just too darn young.
  11. Here’s Video of a Chimp With Better Memory Than YouLook at him or her go!