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  1. scent memories
    For Barbie Ferreira, Mornings Smell Like Coffee and CatsThe Euphoria star and Becca Cosmetics spokesperson shares her favorite scents.
  2. beauty interviews
    Chrissy Teigen on Honesty, Social Media, and Burning Her Tongue on Hot SauceThe model and cookbook author has a new makeup collection with Becca Cosmetics.
  3. let’s makeup
    Chrissy Teigen’s New Makeup Capsule Collection Is Going to Be BigAnd it’s coming out soon body glitter included.
  4. let’s makeup
    Becca Created a Highlighter for Meghan MarkleJust in time for the royal wedding.
  5. let’s makeup
    Becca’s Tangerine Highlighter Gives the Perfect Summery GlowIt looks like a dream.
  6. collaboration station
    Chrissy Teigen and Becca Cosmetics Are Collaborating AgainWhat comes in a giant, sparkly bottle?
  7. lip service
    These New Lip Glosses Are As Glowy As Your Favorite HighlighterPlus, a nude that actually looks good on dark skin.
  8. gone sale-ing
    Buy These 9 Beauty Products on Sale Now, and Make Summer Last a Little LongerKeep those last few weeks of summer alive.
  9. shine factor
    This Is How You Can Buy Chrissy Teigen’s First Makeup Collaboration TodayIt’s radiant skin in a palette.
  10. new faces of things
    Chrissy Teigen Is Going to Make HighlighterMmmm, shiny!
  11. 5 new things
    Buy These 5 Things at Sephora This MonthIncluding the highlighter that had $1 million in sales in 90 minutes. 
  12. lab rat
    The Bronzer You Wear Under Your FoundationA most natural glow.
  13. waiting for tonight
    4 Luminizers Under $40 to Give You the J.Lo GlowA little highlighter detective work.
  14. best bet
    The Shimmery Powder Your Teenage Self Will LoveGlow, not glo.
  15. Beach Beauty: The Maximalist vs. the Minimalist Two different strategies for summer dop kits.
  16. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Properly Contour Your FaceTo do this, it’s important to know where your cheek “hollow” is located.