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  1. pfw spring 2024
    Snug As a Bedbug in a High-Fashion RugThe pests took over Paris Fashion Week. What now?
  2. evil
    Chaos Agent Unleashes Bedbugs on Pennsylvania WalmartWhat kind of a monster…
  3. science!
    Here’s One Thing That Can Really Attract BedbugsProtect yourself.
  4. If You Learn What a Bedbug Looks Like, You Won’t Freak Out Over False AlarmsMost people can’t pick a bedbug out of a lineup, leading to a lot of unnecessary angst when they spot another type of bug.
  5. The Long, Gross History of Using Bedbugs As MedicineA few centuries ago, they were used as medicine for pretty much everything.
  6. Why Just Reading About Bedbugs Is Making You All ItchyIt’s a contagious behavior, a neuroscientist explains. 
  7. vermin!
    Yes, You Still Need to Worry About BedbugsParticularly from Urban Outfitters, it seems.
  8. vermin!
    Juicy Couture to Reopen Tomorrow Following Bedbug InfestationOoh, goodie.
  9. vermin!
    Bedbugs Force Juicy Couture’s Fifth Avenue Flagship to CloseThis is a scary time for holiday shopping.
  10. vermin!
    Breaking: Lone Bedbug Discovered at J.Crew’s OfficesThe invader was discovered in one of the company’s regularly scheduled bedbug tests.
  11. vermin!
    FIT Warns Students of Lone Bedbug AttackerA source tells us mass hysteria has not ensued.
  12. loose threads
    Brad Goreski May Have Split With Rachel Zoe Much Earlier Than Announced; Anna Dello Russo’s Hat Blocked the Sartorialist’s View of Kanye West’s RunawayAlso, Kate Spade is publishing a collection of short stories.
  13. vermin!
    Macy’s Finds ‘One Bedbug’ in Office WorkstationAlso, watch a hilarious video about bedbugs!
  14. vermin!
    Bloomingdale’s Admits to Finding ‘One Bedbug’ in Its Flagship StoreThey did not close down, and claim the problem has been treated.
  15. vermin!
    The Nike Store in Soho Is Closed to Treat a Bedbug Problem [Updated]This is the second Nike store to close for bedbugs in a week.
  16. vermin!
    The 95,000-Square-Foot Niketown on 57th Street Has BedbugsIt’s closed until further notice.
  17. vermin!
    Elle Has Bedbugs!The implications for the world of designer samples are scary.
  18. vermin!
    The CFDA Offers Bedbug AdviceJust as promised.
  19. vermin!
    Bergdorf Goodman Has a Bedbug-Prevention Plan in Place!Beagles!
  20. vermin!
    Retailers Seem Afraid to Talk About BedbugsThe should reassure us their stores are bedbug-free.
  21. vermin!
    Bedbugs Strike Again, This Time at Victoria’s Secret on LexingtonIs this the sign of a retail bedbug epidemic?
  22. vermin!
    Video: Meet the People Who Risked Mingling With Bedbugs to Shop at Abercrombie and HollisterAnd check out the protective bedbug suit the professionals wear to enter bedbug danger zones.
  23. vermin!
    The Bedbug Abercrombie Reopens Today!Talk about itching with excitement!
  24. vermin!
    Proof That Bedbugs Love Frat Boys: Abercrombie & Fitch Is the Newest VictimPopped collars are like manna for bloodsuckers.
  25. loose threads
    Stephanie Pratt May Join The City; Miu Miu’s Fall Campaign RevealedPlus, Repetto and Commes des Garçons to collaborate on a line of pumps.
  26. vermin!
    Soho Hollister Closed Owing to Bedbug InfestationWho’s jonesing for a lawsuit?