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  1. reasons to love new york
    Which New York Beefcake Calendar Is Right for You?The Pirelli calendar for people who truly love the city.
  2. getting swoll in crow pose
    Yoga for Swoll HunksWelcome to the dawn of the rise of “beefcake yoga.” 
  3. gratuitous male objectification week
    Matthew McConaughey Takes His Shirt Off: The SupercutHollywood’s most shirtless man, shirtless again. And again.
  4. beefcake
    Is Jesus Luz’s Ego Bigger Than His Muscles?Jesus Luz worked out during a photo shoot and stormed out of an interview.
  5. beefcake
    Jesus Walks! Madonna’s Stud Hits the Runway for D&GDolce & Gabbana tap Luz for Milan show.