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Behavioral Economics

  1. inequality
    Is It Worth It to Try to Get Rich People to Realize They’re Lucky?If it’s such an uphill battle, as the research suggests, is it worth maybe trying something else instead?
  2. the office
    Let’s All Stop Apologizing for the Delayed Response in Our Emails“You are ruining it for the rest of us (and yourself).”
  3. gig economy
    Just How Creepy Are Uber’s Driver-Nudges?A new story highlights the creepy ways in which Uber tries to wring the most profit out of its drivers.
  4. behavioral economics
    A Two-Word Psychological Concept Can Explain the Anger Over Obamacare RepealPeople are much more likely to get riled about the prospect of having something taken from them as opposed to given to them.
  5. France’s New Opt-Out Organ Donation System Is a Good IdeaTesting out a theory favored by prominent behavioral economists.
  6. system 1 and system 2
    The ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Is Brilliant Psychological ManipulationIf someone’s trying to get you to make a decision from a place of urgent fear, you should ask yourself why.
  7. donald trump
    Michael Lewis on the Psychological Quirks Trump Exploited to Become PresidentRiffing off his new book, the author explains that he is extremely worried about Donald Trump’s personality and thirst for certainty.
  8. Reading Michael Lewis’s New Book Made Me More Worried About Donald TrumpSome leaders are really good at understanding that humans are flawed decision-makers. Others … well, you know.
  9. mindfulness
    Is the Mindfulness Craze Turning Us Into Suckers?When people focus too much on psychological tricks, there’s a chance they can miss the bigger forces swirling around.
  10. How to Make Sure You Don’t Screw Up Your BallotYou should have a plan before you set out for your polling place, because it’s surprisingly easy to make mistakes.
  11. behavioral economics
    Want to Make Better Decisions? Try ‘Temptation Bundling’It’s a way to link together our wants and our shoulds.
  12. People Are Surprisingly Willing to Let Themselves Be ManipulatedNudges work even when you can see them happening.
  13. willpower
    Turning Off Your Phone Is an Underrated Behavioral InterventionIt sounds obvious, but when’s the last time you actually did it?
  14. ‘fallacy’
    How Researchers Discovered the Basketball ‘Hot Hand’An accidental math discovery overturned the “truth” about the hot hand.
  15. behavioral economics
    Michael Lewis’s Next Book Will Be About the Godfathers of Behavioral EconomicsThis ought to be good.
  16. productivity
    Here’s a Cool Study on How to Motivate People to Do Boring, Mind-Numbing TasksImagine if your job were to hit the ‘a’ key, then the ‘b’ key, and then the ‘a’ key again — forever.
  17. People Get Suspicious When the Uber Surge Price Is a Round NumberA super-specific price like 1.9 times the normal rate – that, we feel like can trust. But 2.0x? Sounds made up.
  18. behavioral economics
    Why People Are So Mad at ClassPass’s Price HikeWe have deep circuits that go off at the whiff of a rip-off.
  19. health
    Could a Simple Tweak Lead People to Shovel Less Sugar Into Their Faces?Exactly how much is a “gram,” anyway?
  20. Don’t Let ‘Completion Bias’ Derail You at WorkWe derive great satisfaction from checking items off our to-do list — but there’s also a downside.
  21. behavioral economics
    ‘Nudges’ Can’t Solve Poverty — But No One’s Saying They CanHere’s what a recent New York Times column gets wrong.
  22. ted cruz
    Why Ted Cruz’s Dishonest Mailing May Not Have Even Worked AnywayReason 6,345 it wasn’t a good idea.
  23. behavioral economics
    Don’t Let Your Brain Throw Away All of Your Money“We all hope that we will be the person who bought Apple stock 15 years ago.”
  24. In 2016, Think Really Hard About Why You Might Be WrongEven as we feel our most closely held beliefs couldn’t possibly be disproven, we know that human history is nothing but closely held beliefs being disproven.
  25. behavioral economics
    Save More Money by Naming Your Savings AccountHaving a clear goal in mind helps increase motivation, says behavioral economist Dan Ariely. 
  26. behavioral economics
    Sunstein Should Ask These 3 Star Wars QuestionsBehavioral economic insights can help us understand the Empire’s big, repeated blunders.
  27. race
    A Strange Study Involving the ‘White-Man Effect’ in Sierra LeoneA new study raises important questions about how experiment subjects process what they’re being asked to do.
  28. behavioral economics
    The White House Behavioral Science Team’s ReportSmall changes can net big results.
  29. behavioral economics
    Impatient People Can’t Wait to ProcrastinateThe kind of people who want stuff now now now also tend to be the kind of people who put off boring tasks, like going to the bank.
  30. consumer psychology
    People React Differently to Brands With Human-Seeming QualitiesA weird quirk of consumer psychology.
  31. inquiring minds
    What Is With This Incredibly Specific Second Avenue Subway Sign?Dan Ariely explains the behavioral science behind extremely precise numbers. 
  32. lying
    The Truth About the Ways People LieA new documentary explores how and why humans cheat, lie and steal.
  33. productivity
    These Scientists Want to Fix Your Terribly Disorganized CalendarGoogle is betting on an app backed by the wisdom of behavioral economics to help you manage your time. 
  34. health
    How to Nudge People Toward Smarter Cancer-Screening DecisionsIt’s a System 1 and System 2 thing.
  35. expectations
    The Scientific Case for Low Expectations on New Year’s EveJohn Oliver, as usual, is pretty much right. 
  36. altruism
    People Would Rather Lose Money Than Harm a StrangerInteresting new research on altruism. 
  37. race
    Can Ethnic Diversity Prevent Financial Bubbles?Diversity introduces friction, and friction can be a very good thing.