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  1. keeping up with the royals
    Ben Affleck Is Convinced Prince George Gave His Son a ColdHow rude.
  2. Ben Affleck and Jen Garner Look Mad at Neighborhood Block Party and EverywhereBen Affleck and Jen Garner are still trying to work it out, one tedious family event at a time.
  3. Anna Kendrick Says Ben Affleck Is ‘Really Normal-Sauce,’ EwWhat a description!
  4. ben affleck's face
    Did Ben Affleck Make Jennifer Garner Cry at Their Kids’ Karate Class?Jennifer Garner is either wiping away a tear or suffering from allergies.
  5. pictures of health
    A Miserable Gallery of Ben Affleck Smoking Through the Pain of ExistenceBen Affleck loves to smoke and hates the thought of existing in his own body for the rest of his time on earth.
  6. hot shot
    Ben Affleck Caught With His Pants DownThe actor had a fly issue at Suicide Squad’s London premiere. 
  7. the ballad of bennifer 2
    Ben Affleck and Jen Garner Reportedly Putting That Whole Divorce Thing on HoldIt looks like Jen might take Ben back, after all.
  8. deflategate
    Ben Affleck’s Face Struggles to Keep Up With His RageHis forehead struggled during that insane Boston-sports rant.
  9. If Ben Affleck Wants to Win Jennifer Garner Back, He’s Not Trying Hard EnoughHe was maybe spotted with a blonde in Miami.
  10. Why Does Ben Affleck Think He Deserves to Win Jennifer Garner Back?Sources say.
  11. i'd still smash
    Ben Affleck Is Disgustingly HotJust look at this photo. 
  12. Here’s Another Thing Ben Affleck Didn’t Commit ToMidlife crisis averted?
  13. softboy city
    Ben Affleck Breaks Silence on Jennifer Garner, Still Needs to Explain Back TatBen Affleck showed off his masculine sensitivity in his New York Times interview.
  14. popular opinion
    Ben Affleck’s Exes Agree: That Back Tat Is HorribleTwo Jennifers, four thumbs-down.
  15. heroes
    Jennifer Garner Refuses to Be Blamed for Ben Affleck’s Hideous Back Tattoo“Bless his heart.”
  16. i'd still smash
    I Find Myself Mildly Attracted to Ben Affleck’s Man-BoobsThe B-cup babe.
  17. true bromance
    The Bennifer Years Affected Matt Damon More Than Anyone ElseIt’s just really hard when your buddy breaks up with J.Lo, you know?
  18. love is dead
    Here Lie All the Dead Celebrity RelationshipsAn ever-updating tombstone.
  19. vacation all i ever wanted
    The Saddest Man at the Happiest Place on EarthBen Affleck on a post-divorce trip to Disney World.
  20. celebrity
    A Celebration of Ben Affleck’s NannyChristine Ouzounian is an audacious antiheroine.
  21. party pics
    Tavi, Jon Hamm, and Zayn Malik Partied This WeekPlus: Halle Berry, Dakota Johnson, Questlove, and more from this week’s roundup.
  22. hot shot
    Ben Affleck Snuggles Dog Version of HimselfWhich one is which?
  23. un-coupling
    A Celebrity-Divorce Expert Tells AllTalking to the man who managed the other Jen’s breakup with Ben.
  24. red carpet derby
    Hot-Pink Gowns Were Big at the People’s Choice AwardsViola Davis, Kristen Bell, and Gabrielle Union all showed up in fuchsia.
  25. shameless spouse-promotion
    Jennifer Garner Is Doing Great PR for Ben AffleckShameless spouse-promotion.
  26. party reports
    Ben Affleck: Gone Girl Is an Awful Date MovieSelling this movie, hard
  27. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Here’s Ben Affleck Gamely Pumping GasFull squat and good-natured grimace.
  28. party pics
    All the Looks From the Vanity Fair Oscar Party One final outfit change. 
  29. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Ben Affleck Is One Hot Hero“Holy hunk alert, Batman!”
  30. what would lindsay lohan do
    You Can Now Get Style Advice From ‘Team Lohan’Wear purple. Purple had a good year in 2008.
  31. summits
    Ben Affleck Gave Lindsay Lohan Advice, Not a JobTake what you can get, girl.
  32. quotables
    Jennifer Garner Makes an Effort to Party Alone“It’s a very conscious decision.”
  33. faces of things
    Why Jennifer Garner Should Jump on the Fashion BandwagonShe might be the new face of Max Mara, for starters.
  34. having it all
    Ben Affleck Is Leaning OutLike Anthony Weiner did.
  35. oscars 2013
    Male Gaze, Oscars Edition: Nine Sexy Men in TuxesAnd one kilt.
  36. beauty marks
    Tavi Gives a Hair Tutorial; Bond No. 9 Debuts Same-Sex Marriage FragrancePlus, new research claims that having hair in your eyes can actually lead to health problems.
  37. celebrities in the wild
    Celebrities Are Shopping This Week, TooIn case you needed any further justification to buy things right now.
  38. beauty marks
    Lea Michelle’s Wine-Colored Lipstick; Kate Spade’s New ScentAlso, Ben Affleck embraces his gray.
  39. cult of personality
    Blake Lively Tries to Convince the World She Prefers the Fashion Life of a Backpacker to That of a Famous ActressAlso, see her September cover!
  40. run through
    The Democratic National Convention Could Be Like Fashion Week!Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington are attending, Kanye West is performing, and the lounge has yoga.