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  1. women in politics
    Kamala Harris Just Backed a Bill That Would Make Health Care Free“It’s just the right thing to do.”
  2. young adult
    Bernie Sanders Is Your New Favorite YA AuthorHis YA book, The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, comes out this month.
  3. Will We Abandon Women’s Rights in the Name of Progressive Politics?The American left is flirting with a depressingly retro future.
  4. hot shot
    Bernie Sanders Testing Out a Bold New ‘Free Ice Cream for All’ PlatformHere’s Bernie Sanders popping out of a giant pint of ice cream.
  5. political fashion
    Balenciaga Gave Another Nod to Bernie Sanders at Its ShowThe revolution lives on … at Paris Fashion Week.
  6. WATCH: Here’s What Bernie Sanders Thinks About Being a ‘Fashion Icon’Balenciaga debuted a Bernie-inspired Fall 2017 menswear collection.
  7. the inauguration
    Bernie Sanders Wore the Only Appropriate Outfit to Trump’s InaugurationTrès chic, Bernard.
  8. political fashion
    Bernie Sanders Reviews the Balenciaga Men’s CollectionHe thinks it’s terrific!
  9. rbf solidarity
    Bernie Sanders Defends His Resting Bitch Face, Has Never Been More RelatableStop telling Bernie Sanders to smile. 
  10. the body politic
    Why Do Democrats Feel So Much Anxiety?A flailing Trump does not assuage liberal panic in the slightest.
  11. campaign 2016
    Rosario Dawson Is Ready to Get Arrested at the Democratic National Convention“I’m about the issues and the people.”
  12. she’ll be here all week
    Anna Wintour Takes Her Comedy Act on the RoadWith jabs at Trump, Bernie, and even Hillary.
  13. election 2016
    Roseanne Barr Thinks Trump Would Be a Great PresidentShe also thinks we need more hobbies, which is probably true.
  14. i guess i’m with her?
    Reluctant Voters Mutter, ‘Guess I’m With Her’Better than the other option.
  15. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Has More Important Things to Do Than Debate Bernie SandersLike coming up with a plan to stop Trump.
  16. Hillary Clinton Will Talk to Bernie Sanders ‘When He’s Ready to Talk’She’s taking the high road.
  17. Democrats Are Counting on Elizabeth Warren to Clean Up Their MessThey’re hoping she’ll act as a peacemaker to unify the party.
  18. moaners
    Bernie Sanders Is Sick of People ‘Moaning’ About Hillary Clinton’s ProblemsSo she’s facing two sets of attacks at once. So what?
  19. berning love
    Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign of Charming Grumpiness to Help Staffer ProposeBernie Sanders proposal video is the new flash mob proposal.
  20. feel the bern
    An Ode to Bernie Sanders’s Rumpled StyleIt’s secretly as radical as his politics.
  21. definitive rankings
    The Top 10 Pettiest Moments of the 2016 Presidential Race, Thus FarSmall hands! Periods! “Your mom” jokes!
  22. social media
    Twitter Is Seriously Warping Perceptions of the Presidential RaceYet another example of how filtered media makes us see the world in fundamentally inaccurate ways.
  23. election 2016
    The Sanders Campaign’s Sexist New Argument: Hillary Tries Too HardAmbition is only a problem when it shows up in women.
  24. hillary watch
    Woman Running for World’s Most Important Job Accused of Being Too AmbitiousWatch her laugh for five seconds.
  25. Please Don’t Vote Just Based on Your Tinder MatchNew campaign slogan: Swipe right for Sanders.
  26. hollywood bernie
    Bernie Goes to Hollywood, Learns the Art of the SelfieMr. Sanders goes to Hollywood, and fans can’t get enough.
  27. video
    Guess Who’s Shouting Just As Loudly As Hillary ClintonAll of her competitors. 
  28. where are the bernie bros now
    None of the Top 10 Highest-Paid Bernie Sanders Staffers Are WomenAnd somehow the other candidates look worse!
  29. SNL’s Hillary Woos Millennials by Being BernieFeel the Bern. For her.
  30. java jokes
    Bernie Barista Pours a Hot Pot of ‘Actually’ All Over Hillary’s CampaignRoasted.
  31. yaburnt
    Hillary Clinton Says Abortion Isn’t a Right If It’s LimitedThank you, HRC. 
  32. campaign 2016
    Could Hillary Clinton Ever Have Imagined This?The first nominated female candidate against the face of American misogyny.
  33. cut cover story
    Single Women Are Now the Most Potent Political Force in AmericaThe most powerful voter this year, who in her rapidly increasing numbers has become an entirely new category of citizen, is the single American woman.
  34. Emily Ratajkowski Is a Proud Bernie BabeFeminist, sex symbol, and pro-Sanders.
  35. SNL Addressed Feminism, Bernie, and Millennial VotersHillary knows she can’t make you love her.
  36. jessica explains it all
    Women Are Basically Voting With Their Vaginas No Matter What They DoAs Jessica Williams explains on The Daily Show.
  37. campus politics
    Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Seem to Win Over Young WomenComments from Clinton surrogates exposed a deep generational divide.
  38. generation gaps
    Gloria Steinem Says Young Women Are Into Bernie Because of BoysOh Gloria, No No No No No!
  39. inked
    All the Other Guys Those Free Bernie Sanders Tattoos Could BeWith a few additions, Bernie can become Franzen!
  40. This Calendar Is for Anyone Who Feels the BernOh, hello. Do you need someone to manage your campaign?
  41. campaign 2016
    The Debate Showed the Democrats at Their BestHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were knowledgeable, funny, and lightyears ahead of their GOP counterparts.
  42. How the Planned Parenthood Attack Could Reverse the Politics of AbortionThe Democrats are no longer treating it like a dirty word.
  43. the body politic
    The Bernie Bros vs. the HillarybotsBattling it out on the internet campaign trail.
  44. quotables
    Sarah Silverman on Twitter, Depression, and the 2016 Ticket“I do think that any form of expression can be positive for someone feeling very alone.”
  45. the body politic
    Wife of Bernie Sanders Suddenly InvisibleA new profile of Jane Sanders omits all of her professional accomplishments.
  46. guides
    The Case for Bernie Sanders on Women’s IssuesHillary Clinton, who?
  47. Bernie Sanders on GOP Debate: What About Women?And he doesn’t mean “fat pigs.”
  48. voting on style
    The Best and Worst of the 2016 Campaign MerchHillary Clinton pantsuit T-shirts, Rand Paul sports bras, and so much more.