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Best Doctors 2015

  1. the money
    How Physicians Actually Make Money These DaysOne internist opens his books: great calling, lousy business.
  2. frontiers
    Could Anyone Really Transplant a Head?An Italian neurosurgeon says he can. Others are skeptical — very skeptical.
  3. health
    5 New Yorkers Open Their Medicine CabinetsLike you haven’t looked at a stranger’s before.
  4. lab work
    Inside Memorial Sloan Kettering’s High-Speed Pathology LabIs it cancer? They’ll know in half an hour.
  5. sex
    The Everything Guide to the LibidoOysters don’t help, but monkey porn might … and other findings from the forefront of desire research.
  6. the brain
    How One Brain Came Back From UnconsciousnessA car accident left 19-year-old Dylan Rizzo in a coma. This is the story of the long, perilous crawl to recovery.
  7. tech
    See Images From Figure 1, the ‘Instagram for Doctors’A photo-sharing network that features body parts instead of avocado toast.
  8. fixations
    Why Is America Obsessed With Perfecting Its Teeth?The story of a rapidly expanding industry that has little reason to exist, except the clearest reason in the world.
  9. experiments
    I Was a Human Guinea Pig: 6 Self-ExperimentationsFrom “smart” stretch pants to text-message psychotherapy.