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  1. cut covers
    Kacey Musgraves Comes Down to EarthThe “Space Cowboy” singer got divorced, rebounded, quit weed — and she’s never felt so grounded.
  2. profile
    Adelle Waldman Takes the Early ShiftWhy an author best known for skewering Brooklyn literati wrote a novel about working at a big-box store.
  3. the bigger picture
    Fighting for RecognitionEnter the ring with the trainers of OutBox, a trans-owned and -operated boxing gym in Williamsburg.
  4. life after roe
    Roe v. Wade and IVF
    Alabama’s IVF Patients Are In Embryo Purgatory“This isn’t something that can wait until next year for me.”
  5. chapters
    Moonlight on the window
    The TheftFirst, there was the burglary. Then everything went missing.
  6. power
    Fulton County Court Holds Fani Willis Misconduct Hearing
    Fani Willis Didn’t Stand a ChanceIt feels inevitable that we’re talking about a Black woman’s personal life instead of Trump’s efforts to overturn an election.
  7. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    An Extremely Thorough Guide to ‘Who TF Did I Marry’In case you don’t have ten hours to devote to the TikTok story of a woman who claims she married a pathological liar.
  8. advice
    ‘I Think My Husband Is Trashing My Novel on Goodreads!’Introducing “Going Through It,” Emily Gould’s new advice column.
  9. the bigger picture
    The Palestinian Belly Dancer Keeping Her Culture AliveChoreographer Janelle Jalila Issis encourages her students to embrace their bodies.
  10. first person
    My Dad, the Mets, and MeFor years, my relationship with my father was centered around us both cheering for, and mourning over, the losing team. What if we’d already won?
  11. spring fashion
    Bring Back These ’00s TrendsBallet flats, Juicy Couture sweat suits, UGGs — the early-aughts fashion revival seems to be sticking around.
  12. are u coming?
    Packing for Paris With Alex ConsaniThe massively popular TikTok star–slash–model is doing all of Fashion Month with a carry-on.
  13. spring fashion
    Where New York City Tweens Actually Like to ShopWhat we learned surprised us.
  14. spring fashion
    Paloma Elsesser on the Price of Being ‘First’I made modeling history. Then the internet made me wish I hadn’t.
  15. first person
    All the Possible FuturesMy dating profile put me in touch with who I was before my marriage fell apart. But my daughter forced me to confront who I wanted to be.
  16. first person
    How I Got Scammed Out of $50,000I’m still trying to understand why I fell for it.
  17. scene report
    Backstage at the Balletcore RecitalChoreographer Angela Trimbur auditioned dozens of adult amateurs for her dance recital. Everyone made it.
  18. spring fashion
    Would You Spend $860 on These Stretchy Pants?How High Sport made something so basic so coveted.
  19. decisions
    The Lure of DivorceSeven years into my marriage, I hit a breaking point. Since then, I’ve had to decide whether life would be better without my husband in it.
  20. spring fashion
    Greta Lee Is Getting Used to ThisTwenty years into her career, she got her first starring role in Past Lives. Now she’s all over red carpets and on best-dressed lists.
  21. spring fashion
    17 Designer Handbags That Reflect the Real YouIt all used to be simple. Now, there are a gazillion niche bags that say something precise about their carriers.
  22. love and war
    How Much Does It Cost to Save a Relationship?In our case, $11,000 in therapy bills was just the beginning.
  23. spring fashion
    The Return Grift Is OverOnline retailers have finally caught on to shoppers abusing their too-easy return policies. The punishment? Lifetime bans.
  24. spring fashion
    You Can’t Box Yseult InMeet the French singer, model, and bag obsessive — who’s here for more than just luxury labels.
  25. housing
    The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of BrooklynHow did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios, vegan restaurants, and homes with “living walls” end up as pandemic villains?
  26. spring fashion
    Bryanboy Hasn’t Missed a Fashion Week in Over a DecadeBryan Yambao, the front row’s most enduring influencer, looks back at his most memorable runway-adjacent moments
  27. spring fashion
    What It Actually Costs to Be a Fashion DesignerThey can dress celebrities, win awards, and still be one paycheck away from shuttering.
  28. spring fashion
    Julianne Moore’s Dangerous HousewivesThe actress doesn’t believe it’s possible to know yourself. That’s why her best characters are searching for an answer.
  29. crime
    Gypsy Rose Blanchard, America’s SweetheartSince her release from prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has had to perform the perfect abuse survivor to her almost 10 million TikTok followers.
  30. spring fashion
    The Cool Tang of Ice SpiceVisiting with New York’s Grammy-nominated princess of rap.
  31. parenting
    Full-time Job, Zero Formal Child CareInside the hectic, improvised, cost-effective weekdays of the many working parents who have opted to keep winging it.
  32. beauty
    I’m 33 and Botox Messed Up My Face. Help!What to do when you think your treatments have gone awry.
  33. encounter
    Cecile Richards Is Living With Brain CancerThe former president of Planned Parenthood is still fighting for abortion access — even while living with brain cancer.
  34. first person
    Donald Trump Assaulted Me, But He’s Not Alone on My List of Hideous Men“I made a list of hideous men in my life. It includes the president — who assaulted me in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman 23 years ago.”
  35. keep it moving
    The Girls Shredding the BronxHitting the pavement with the founders and members of Bronx Girls Skate at Playground 134.
  36. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Lost Her Home the Day Before She Gave Birth“When I returned to my apartment later that afternoon, my key didn’t work. They had changed the locks while I was gone.”
  37. encounter
    Ethical Sluthood at 79Dossie Easton, co-author of the original poly bible, looks at the world she has helped wrought.
  38. relationships
    A Practical Guide to Modern PolyamoryFor the curious couple.
  39. relationships
    What Does a Polycule Actually Look Like?Meet Nick and Sarah and Anna and Alex …
  40. cut covers
    No One Sounds Like TemsThe Nigerian singer-songwriter mesmerized music’s biggest names with a handful of songs. That was just the beginning.
  41. first person
    I Was the Villain in My RelationshipWhy was it so hard to admit that I used my ex-boyfriend for his apartment?
  42. parenting
    I Know What You Did on the PlaygroundInside the chaos that often ensues after a parent posts about a “bad nanny” on Facebook.
  43. chapters
    I Was Told No One Wants Fat GirlsGrowing up, my body was a punch line.
  44. wildfires
    A Maui Love StoryDuring the Maui wildfires, a young couple turned toward each other to survive Hawaii’s deadliest natural disaster.
  45. health
    The Cough That Doesn’t EndAll of New York is hacking. We sent Rachel Sklar on a mission to find out what can help — if anything.
  46. year in review
    The Cut’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2023The articles our readers were most deeply engaged with this year, from “It” Girls and Ozempic to rules for modern living.
  47. sex diaries
    The 69 Best Sex Diaries of All TimeThese are the diaries that blew up our group texts, inspired an internet conspiracy or two, and still make us blush all these years later.
  48. first person
    Why Do I Feel Loneliest When I’m With My Family?I spend most of the year longing to go home. But when I’m there, I have to admit that something’s changed.
  49. power
    She Blew Up Her Life to Reform the Fashion IndustryIn the success of the Adult Survivors Act, model turned activist Sara Ziff finds a silver lining.
  50. breakout
    Gen Z Gets Its Own Wharton HeroineJosie Totah breaks out in an updated Buccaneers.
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