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Betty Francis

  1. grand finales
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: More to LifeIn which the characters get their happy ending, sort of.
  2. viva betty
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Domestic DisturbanceJoan and Peggy didn’t make appearances, but we saw plenty of Betty and Trudy.
  3. glen’s bellbottoms tho
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: The Kids Aren’t All RightGenerational struggles abounded in last night’s episode.
  4. Mad Men Fashion Recap: The Return of Megan’s Blue DressPlus, Pina’s awesome Annie Hall look.
  5. Mad Men Fashion: Purple Pucci, Satin Nighties, and Full-on Hippie GarbPlus, a swingin’ party in Laurel Canyon.
  6. mad men fashion
    Mad Men Fashion: Betty Takes a TripAnd Megan discovers her love of macramé.
  7. mad people
    To Discuss: Betty’s ‘Skinny’ Dress on Mad MenThe most symbolic outfit of the episode. 
  8. mad men
    The Meaning of Eyeliner on Mad MenThe show’s makeup artist explains why Peggy’s makeup is sometimes crooked, and other one-set solutions.
  9. hairy situations
    23 Blondes Turned Brunette: A Slideshow Inspired by Betty on Mad MenTime to get serious.
  10. before and after
    Mad Men Looks: Red Carpet and CostumesDoes Don Draper have more style than Jon Hamm?
  11. mad people
    January Jones Gives a Mad Men Sneak Preview at Miu MiuBetty Francis, it’s you!