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  1. See: Restless Collective’s Beautiful Photographs of Millennials Around the WorldTwo artists biked to 24 countries and photographed over 700 millennials.
  2. the fashion bike
    Hermès Is Now Making Luxe Carbon BicyclesTwo different styles, both with bull-leather saddles.
  3. mo’ money mo’ problems
    Du Jour’s Debut Issue Features a $37,000 BicycleBy Aston Martin.
  4. let’s go for a ride
    Topshop Loans Out Free Bikes, Matching Umbrellas Not IncludedBut won’t people just take the bikes?
  5. ride on
    Only Fendi Would Want to Put Fur on a BicycleFendi released a new $9,500 bicycle named Abici Amante Donna.
  6. three is a trend
    Kick Off Bike Month with Wheels by ChanelChanel, Puma, and G-Star all designed pretty great bikes, so get one and get your Bike Month on!