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    Watch Justin Bieber Get a Water Bottle Thrown at Him for Not Knowing ‘Despacito’He told the crowd he doesn’t know “Despacito.”
  2. the many adventures of justin bieber
    Here Is Justin Bieber’s $15,000 Rose-Gold GrillThat’s a lot of look.
  3. bieber watch
    Justin Bieber Didn’t Pee His PantsHe just got water on his “d*ck area.”
  4. bieber watch
    Justin Bieber Will Not Rest Until the World Acknowledges His Basketball SkillsWatch him ball. Someone. Please. Anyone.
  5. bieber watch
    Justin Bieber Is Back and Better Than Ever on InstagramBedtime selfies galore!
  6. the many adventures of justin bieber
    Thank Goodness Justin Bieber Has Returned to InstagramHe’s got a T-Mobile Super Bowl campaign to promote.
  7. bieber watch
    Justin Bieber Went to the Movies by Himself and Ordered Nachos ‘Off the Menu’He also finally got a haircut.
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    Of Course Justin Bieber Got His Nose PiercedBieber is as Bieber does.