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Big Dick Energy

  1. bde
    Would You Go to Staten Island for Pete Davidson?Kim Kardashian West went on an alluring outer-borough date.
  2. um!
    A-Rod Claims He Has Big ‘Darling’ (?) EnergyHe said he’s “stepping out with the big D energy,” but … does he know what that means?
  3. analysis
    Which Lord of the Rings Characters Have Big Dick Energy?J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud.
  4. bde
    The Best Twitter Nominations for Big Dick EnergyYou don’t have to have a penis, or even a human body.
  5. bde
    Which New York Subway Lines Have Big Dick Energy?Not all subway lines move about the city like they’re packing ten inches.
  6. new concepts
    Do You Have Big Dick Energy?If you have to ask …