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  1. bikini bodies!
    Kayla Itsines Regrets Calling Her Workouts ‘Bikini Body’ Guides Huh.
  2. goals
    J.K. Simmons Is Our Bikini-Body IconThe actor is getting ripped for the new Justice League movie.
  3. can u not
    ‘Bikini Body’ Classes for 11-Year-Old Schoolgirls Are a Terrible IdeaWhy did anyone think this was an okay idea?
  4. bikini body
    A 56-Year-Old SI Model on Bikinis and Gray HairNicola Griffin is making waves as part of a Swimsuits for All ad campaign.
  5. fitspo
    Is There Any Way to Exercise Ironically?Not with Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body army.
  6. kayla’s workout plan
    Meet the Trainer Taking Over InstagramAn interview with Kayla Itsines, Instagram’s most famous personal trainer. 
  7. linguistics
    Why Can’t We Stop Talking About ‘Bikini Bodies’?The staying power of a troubling term.