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    Judge Refuses to Dismiss Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault CaseCosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault.
  2. law and order
    Bill Cosby’s Wife Will Be Deposed in Defamation CaseThe deposition is scheduled to occur February 22.
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    Meet Monique Pressley, Bill Cosby’s New Lawyer and SpokespersonPart lawyer part PR wrangler, Pressley isn’t afraid to challenge Cosby’s many opponents.
  4. the body politic
    Why Should Wives Have to Answer for Their Husbands’ Behavior?Camille Cosby, Hillary Clinton, and the marital double-bind.
  5. sexual assault
    Bill Cosby’s Accusers Are Helping Pioneer a New Kind of Legal StrategyHow the women have reversed the script.
  6. the women
    35 Women and #TheEmptyChairThe hashtag we didn’t mean to start.
  7. year in review
    2014: The Year Everyone (Finally) Started Talking About Sexual AssaultThe stories weren’t new, but this year the world paid attention.
  8. bon mots
    Lena Dunham’s Life Motto Is Also Bill Cosby’sFunnily, enough. 
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    Celebrities Wearing Their Own Faces on T-ShirtsNotes on a strange trend.
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    What’s the Designer of the Cosby Sweater Up To?There’s more to Koos than Cosby.
  11. quotables
    What It’s Like to Accuse a Celebrity of Sexual AssaultOne of Bill Cosby’s accusers speaks.
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    Cosby Sweaters Make a Comeback This FallBe afraid. Be very afraid.
  13. dress code
    Does No One Want Bill Cosby’s Sweaters?Yesterday three sweaters worn by Bill Cosby on ‘The Cosby Show’ went up for auction on eBay. The bidding starts at $5,000. Surprisingly, no one has bid.
  14. loose threads
    Alessandro Dell’Acqua to Helm Malo; Coach Gets Busy in ChinaDell’Acqua replaces the 6267 designers, who went to Ferré last month; Coach plans to open 50 stores in China; and Roberto Cavalli celebrates his new wine.