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  1. let’s makeup
    Debi Mazar Plucked Madonna’s Eyebrows and Gave Her EyelinerThat’s what friends are for.
  2. shine theory
    Madonna Gave a Shout-out to Shine Theory at the Billboard Awards“We have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth.”
  3. Watch the Marc Jacobs Video St. Vincent Calls ‘an Acid-Trip Fellini Film’It features Susan Sarandon, Cara Delevingne, and Marilyn Manson.
  4. zayn my man
    Zayn, Shut Up!Zayn Malik says he likes girls who are “a bit chunky” but only in “the nice areas.”
  5. Justin Bieber’s Redemption Began With Noah’s ArkStep by step, two by two.
  6. things that make us feel icky
    So, Now We’re Slut-Shaming Toddlers?Hard nope on Billboard’s Nori tweet.
  7. gone viral
    The Strange Case of Christina Aguilera’s Fake ‘Fat Girl’ QuotesWhen wishful thinking goes viral.