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  1. splashy
    This Billboard Splashes Water on You As If It Were PeeDoes incontinence have your attention now?
  2. campaign trail
    Can You Spot Elvis in This New Calvin Klein Ad?Willy Vanderperre shot the brand’s new campaign in the California desert.
  3. advertising
    Billboard Suggests It’s Cool to Throw Rocks at Girls As Long As They’re DiamondsIt reads, “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls.”
  4. everyday sexism
    Someone Paid $2,000 to Provide Us With This Terrible BillboardIt’s still unclear who’s behind it, but a protest will take place underneath on Sunday.
  5. mantasies
    Armani Billboards Rejected Because of a Man’s ButtSex sells, people. We’ve got the picture. Only you’ll never see it in the meatpacking district.