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    There Could Finally Be a Bill Regulating the Safety of Beauty ProductsTwo female senators are proposing the Personal Care Products Safety Act.
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    The Business School Kris Jenner Endorsed Is Being SuedFor reportedly not paying a publicist.
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    New Federal Bill Would Finally Protect Underage Models From Work AbusesThe Child Performers Protection Act of 2015 would mean models would get paid in money, not clothes.
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    Uber Charges Woman, Woman Charges PublicCrowd-funding that $362 billing.
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    Not Even Dead Female Authors Are Safe From PhotoshopJane Austen got a makeover on a U.K. bank note, says her biographer.
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    Sara Ziff’s Underage-Model Bill Gets Signed Into LawCoco Rocha teared up at the podium.
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    Christian Siriano Responds to Talent Agency LawsuitHe says the lawsuit brought against him by talent firm Designer’s Management Agency is without merit.
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    Christian Siriano’s Talent Agency Sued Him [Updated]They say he owes them money.
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    BCBG Hasn’t Paid Some of Its Bills Since FebruaryThey’re angling for a $230 million loan.