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Binders Full Of Women

  1. politics
    Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Are Real and They’ve Finally Been UnearthedThey’re real, they weigh 15 pounds, and the Boston Globe has them.
  2. binders full of women
    The Hot New Campaign Finance Trend Is Glaring SexismIt’s gone from taboo topic to fund-raising tool. 
  3. binders full of women
    Female Senators Account for Changing Armed Services CommitteeWhat happens when women are in the room.
  4. binders full of women
    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Appoints More Women Than ObamaOpening new doors for Saudi women. Literally.
  5. things we saw with zoom
    Can You Tell Which Congresswomen Were Late to Nancy Pelosi’s Photo Shoot?A Cut zoom quiz.
  6. binders full of women
    Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin: Capitol Hill TwinsiesIs this what the future looks like?
  7. binders full of women
    Forget Canada — Let’s Move to New Hampshire, Feminist UtopiaA surprising new contingency plan for melodramatic liberals. 
  8. photo ops
    And Now, a Picture of Mitt With Office SuppliesYou knew it was coming.
  9. politics
    Breaking Down the ‘Binders Full of Women’ MemeQuote, hashtag, Tumblr meme, fact-check.