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  1. wellness theories
    Sophia Bush on Ravioli and Being Sleep-DeprivedHer job sort of takes over her life.
  2. swellness
    Trying Out Enchanted Crystal, the Birchbox for CrystalsWould getting sparkly rocks in the mail change my life?
  3. how to be a woman
    How I Tried to Buy a Better Life With $400 in Subscription Boxes It worked surprisingly well, though that doesn’t mean it was a good idea.
  4. showstoppers
    The Many Truths of the World’s Biggest Beauty CounterThirstymud, artisanal fats, soap-on-a-rope, and hundreds more new products at the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Product Demo.
  5. decisions decisions
    Birchbox Has Succeeded Because Lots of People Really Hate Making ChoicesAnd other subscription boxes, for that matter. 
  6. the dedicated
    Birchbox’s First Brick-and-Mortar Store Actually Makes Sense The subscription-box-tailer goes brick-and-mortar. 
  7. tea beauty
    Chic Skin Care That Comes With Tea You DrinkIt’s called Miyu.
  8. Like Birchbox for Sex Toys: Testing 5 New KitsGet ready for lingerie, lube, and Luna Bars (?!) by mail.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Should Print Magazines Be More Like Birchboxes?Sending you more crap — er, fun new products to try every month?
  10. beauty marks
    Selena Gomez’s Perfume Bottle Debuts; Snooki Shares Pregnancy Beauty TipsPlus, Crystal Renn talks about her blonde hair.
  11. beauty marks
    Anne Hathaway’s New Hair; Ashley Judd CriticismPlus, Sephora’s website gets a facelift.
  12. beauty marks
    Illamasqua Debuts Fall Ads; New Makeup-of-the-Month Site LaunchesAlso, Marc Jacobs claims that his hair transplants hurt more than his tattoos.