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  1. yellowjackets
    John Cameron Mitchell Plays a Mean ParrotThe writer, actor, and director talks guest-starring as Misty’s pet Caligula on this week’s Yellowjackets.
  2. hobbies
    I Became a Birder to Shut My Brain UpWho has time to spiral when you’re staring at a common yellowthroat?
  3. che disastro!
    Italian Seagulls Are Wreaking Havoc on Alfresco DiningHotels in Venice are giving guests squirt guns to fend off pesky birds.
  4. hot shot
    How Does Angela Merkel Feel About These Birds?A story in five facial expressions.
  5. niche drama
    Feral Peacocks Are Tearing Southern California ApartBoth literally and figuratively.
  6. sorry
    Please Don’t Kiss the Chickens!The CDC is begging you.
  7. squatters’ rights
    These Giant Birds Have an Inspiring Commitment to MayhemA flock of condors laid claim to a woman’s house in Southern California, destroying and pooping on everything in sight.
  8. animals
    In New Mexico, the Birds Are Dying at Alarming RatesAnd wildlife experts don’t know exactly why.
  9. animals
    The Peacock That ‘Screams Relentlessly’ Has a PointImagine responding to this current moment with anything other than a piercing scream.
  10. black birders
    Black Birding Is About HopeTalking to Corina Newsome, co-organizer of the first-ever Black Birders Week.
  11. cut opinion pages
    Look at This Incredibly Sexy BirdShe goes by secretary bird.
  12. animals
    Looks Like I’m Going to Become an Expert on Bird MatingNetflix has released a 51-minute-long documentary on bird sex.
  13. for whom the bird tolls
    World’s Loudest Bird Seduces Females by Screaming in Their Faces“They just really seem to be socially awkward.”
  14. summer terror
    The Birds Are Mobilizing Against UsHot girl summer, meet incredibly aggressive bird summer.
  15. bird crime
    Wow, I Hate This Bird Box Sequel IdeaA species called “great tits” (!!) has been killing and eating the brains of fellow birds.
  16. franzenology
    Jonathan Franzen Says He’s Met Cats He LikesThe world’s unofficial birding ambassador extends an olive branch to cat people.
  17. sad bird science
    You Can’t Be Both Hot and Talented, If You’re a Male BirdSad news from science.
  18. meanwhile in canada
    I Truly Cannot Believe That Canada Still Does Not Have a National BirdA travesty is unfolding beyond the 49th parallel.
  19. bird drama
    Messy Hawk Love Affair Plunges NYC Park Into ‘Chaos’After a quick stint in rehab, a female hawk returned home and discovered her mate had been cheating on her.
  20. vanity
    These Birds Just Want to Be Hot and Wear MakeupIs that too much to ask?
  21. Stuttering Birds Are Helping Scientists Understand How Humans Learned to TalkWhat another species’ speech impediment reveals about our own capacity for language.
  22. Humans and Wild Animals Talk to Each Other, Find HoneyCross-species communication for the win.
  23. The Chicken Obsession That Defined Animal ResearchHow one guy’s weird fascination with his pet birds shaped what we know about animal behavior.
  24. City Birds Are Disturbingly More Disheveled Than Country BirdsJust like Marcus Aurelius would have predicted.
  25. Bird Brains Are Packed With a Ridiculous Number of NeuronsIt’s why they’re so smart. Duh.
  26. look of the day
    Why Not Wear a Bird on Your Head?By Kate Middleton’s favorite hatmaker.
  27. Taylor Swift Maybe Harmed a Lot of Birds Making Her Latest Music VideoAnd they weren’t turkeys.
  28. mutual admiration society
    Mystical 8-Year-Old Is Worshipped, Bestowed With Gifts by Wild CrowsEarrings, paper clips, heart pendants, and other shiny trash.
  29. exotic pets
    Field Guide to Birds: The New Status Pet Decoding Tatler’s suggestions for this hilarious “new trend.”
  30. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Rhinestones Take Flight in MilanShiny diamanté birds!
  31. free birds
    Liberty Ross Posts Cryptic Vogue Blog EntryA flying bird.
  32. for the birds
    Fashion Puts a Bird on ItWhat does this mean for the cats??!
  33. cult of personality
    Mary-Kate Olsen on Eating Disorders and Some Other Stuff!Mary-Kate comments on her purported eating disorder for the first time in this month’s ‘Elle.’ We have her quotes on that and even deeper subjects, including Heath.