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  1. collaboration station
    Presenting Your New Glamping SandalsThe new Birkenstock x Valentino collab is great for upstate and the city.
  2. always shopping
    I Didn’t Know I Needed Neon Birkenstocks Until NowThanks to their collaboration with Opening Ceremony.
  3. sure why not
    Surprise! Birkenstock Makes Skin CareSome stuff for your face, some stuff for your feet.
  4. exclusive
    Birkenstock Knows Its Shoes Look Best When They’re Really Worn InLoved shoes are the best shoes.
  5. always shopping
    Which Pair of Ugly Shoes Is Right for You?Twelve ways to get in on the trend.
  6. party lines
    A Fashion Party Where People’s Feet Didn’t HurtBirkenstock and Rick Owens celebrated their pop-up opening in Los Angeles.
  7. normcore
    This Capsule Collection Makes Socks and Sandals Look GoodIt’s a thing.