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  1. dreams come true
    We’re Finally One Step Closer to Birth Control for MenPop open the Champagne.
  2. mental health
    Your Hormonal Birth Control Could Be Making You DepressedA new study suggests that it might be.
  3. finally
    Senate Approves Long-Delayed Zika-Funding BillThe $1.1 billion measure is expected to pass the House later today.
  4. health and wellness
    Your Birth-Control Coverage Could Get Way Better in 2018Doctors are recommending some big changes.
  5. this is what dreams are made of
    Imagine Being Able to Get a Year’s Worth of Birth Control at OnceCalifornia women can, starting in January.
  6. mission impossible
    It’s Way Harder Than It Should Be to Get a DiaphragmOnly 3.1 percent of women have used one, and doctors’ offices aren’t exactly encouraging.
  7. great news
    The Hot New Birth-Control Method Is to Get Really Stressed OutGood news for those of us with crippling anxiety.
  8. women’s health
    Women Are Still Misinformed About IUDs and ImplantsThey know way more about condoms, pills, and the pullout method.
  9. obvious things
    You’ll Never Guess Why the Teen Birthrate Has Declined by Almost 50 PercentIt might have to do with contraception.
  10. sleep
    Can You Blame Your Birth Control for Your Insomnia?Here’s how hormones — both synthetic and natural — affect your sleep.
  11. actually good things
    Thousands of Women in Texas Will Get Low-Cost IUDsThanks to a $2 million donation to Planned Parenthood.
  12. New Male Birth Control Claims to Stop SpermThat’s one scary-looking light switch.
  13. pipe dreams
    The Reason We Don’t Have Male Birth Control Is Simpler Than You ThinkIt’s not just about money and gender politics.
  14. prophylactics
    Will Delaware Become the Next Birth-Control Utopia?The state is training primary care doctors how to insert IUDs.
  15. comeback attempts
    New Mom Sarah Brown to Compete in Olympic TrialsThe pro runner is attempting one hell of a comeback.
  16. political football
    Of Course the Zika Funding Bill Excludes Birth Control and Planned ParenthoodCongress, tossing women’s health around like a football since forever.
  17. things that are problematic
    Thousands of IUDs and Pill Packs Donated to Puerto Rico Are Just Sitting AroundThe government needs another $20 million to distribute them.
  18. shmashmortion
    Hillary Clinton Drags Trump and Republicans on Abortion“They are for limited government everywhere except when it comes to interfering with women’s choices and rights.”
  19. slut pills
    W.H.O. Tells People in 46 Countries to Delay Pregnancy Because of ZikaLooks like it’s time for historically Catholic Latin-American countries to get serious about birth control.
  20. Maryland Women Will Have the Easiest Access to Contraception in AmericaBy 2018.
  21. birth control
    Imagine a World in Which Men Took the PillWhy don’t we have oral contraceptives for men?
  22. pipe dreams
    There’s Yet Another Male-Birth-Control Concept in the WorksThis sounds a lot better than scrotal injections.
  23. vagina talk
    Meet Twitter’s Resident GynecologistJennifer Gunter is helping to spread the truth about women’s bodies, one tweet at a time.
  24. what war on women?
    ScarJo Says Planned Parenthood Attacks Are NutsScarlett Johansson said a thing that needed to be said.
  25. patches and pills and rings oh my
    Women in California Can Now Get Birth Control From a PharmacistCalifornia is the third state to offer birth control via a pharmacist.
  26. things that were not very helpful
    Contraception Still Banned, Says Catholic ChurchThey’re doubling down in the face of Zika.
  27. obvious things
    Take One Guess What Happened After Texas Defunded Planned ParenthoodWe’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t statewide abstinence. 
  28. mary dye
    Wildly Inappropriate Washington GOP Legislator Asks Teens About VirginityThe Republican lawmaker questioned teens who advocated for the expansion of insurance coverage for birth control.
  29. cyborgs
    The IUD: Can Birth Control Be Too Good?My increasingly ambivalent relationship to total control over fertility.
  30. quotables
    Dinner-Party Queen Jill Kargman Will Bring Up Her Birth Control, Thank You“God forbid I talk about my [uterus] for one minute. It’s not about being irreverent. It’s leveling the playing field.”
  31. special guests
    More Women Embracing Tiny Uterine Sperm-BlockersIUD usage is up.
  32. cut chat room
    This IUD Ad Is Actually About Staten IslandEven your birth control doesn’t want to take the ferry.
  33. unsure
    Is the Permanent Birth-Control Implant Safe and Effective?The FDA is meeting tomorrow to discuss concerns about Essure.
  34. iud evangelism
    Colorado Will Remain a Birth-Control UtopiaThe state just received funding to keep giving teenagers free IUDs.
  35. Yes, Pharmacists Can Deny You Birth ControlTheir “conscience” overrides your right to choose.  
  36. The Pill Has Prevented 200,000 Endometrial Cancer Cases in the Last Decade AloneA new study estimates just how many.
  37. motherhood
    How I Learned to Love CondomsAll it took was having a baby.
  38. innovation
    Should You Consider Using a Diaphragm?The latest option in contraceptives is a revamp of an old standard.
  39. the pill
    Pharmacists Will Be Able to Write Birth-Control Prescriptions in OregonNew legislation lets you get a prescription for contraception without seeing a doctor. 
  40. birth control
    Colorado Figured Out How to Dramatically Lower the Teen BirthrateMaking free long-acting birth control available to teens lowered the teen birthrate by 40 percent.
  41. am i dying
    How Long Is Too Long to Take the Pill?What you should know about hormonal birth control and blood clots, fertility, and cancer.
  42. teens
    This High School Is a Birth-Control UtopiaSure, teens should have access to free birth control, but this school-based clinic in Seattle really stands out.
  43. birth control
    Congress Will Finally Help Military Women Get the Birth Control They Need“Sorry, we’re out.”
  44. iud evangelism
    The Freaky History of Your IUD, RevealedGet ready to think about camel uteri!
  45. iud evangelism
    Giving Teens Free IUDs Dramatically Reduces Unintended PregnancyTeens and IUDs: best friends forever, or for, like, ten years.
  46. disrupt pregnancy
    Seamless for Birth Control: Why the Heck Not?Planned Parenthood is disrupting contraception.
  47. biological clocks
    The Sisterhood of the Birth-Control Phone AlarmBiological clocks.
  48. the future
    Here Comes a Remote-Controlled Birth-Control DeviceTerrifying but also incredibly convenient.
  49. d.i.y.
    Cheap and Safe Birth Control Alternatives From Hobby LobbySlut pills, meet chastity crafts.
  50. watch
    Birth Control Hits the Supreme Court Next WeekAnd it’s worse than you thought.
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