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Birth Of A Nation

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    Gabrielle Union Called Out Lena Dunham for Her White-Girl PrivilegeThe actress opened up about race, sexual assault, and how Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation failed women.
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    There Will Be a Vigil for Victims of Rape at the Premiere of Birth of a NationIt will be for ‘the unnamed victims of rape and sexual assault in the US.’
  3. Gabrielle Union Wants to Talk to Kate Upton and Amy Schumer About Privilege“Maybe I can help to explain the oppressive systems that have benefited them.”
  4. sexual assault
    Gabrielle Union on Nate Parker Case: We Need to Talk About Affirmative Consent“As important and ground-breaking as this film is, I cannot take these allegations lightly.”
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    Nate Parker’s Bombshell Interview About Consent, Rape Culture, Male Privilege“To be honest, my privilege as a male, I never thought about it.”
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    Nate Parker’s Accuser Died by Suicide in 2012, According to Her BrotherThe Birth of a Nation star was accused of rape in 1999.