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  1. first person
    The Week Before My Sons Were Born, I Lost My SmileWhen Bell’s palsy paralyzed one side of my face, I had to find other ways to express joy.
  2. parenthood
    Mindy Kaling Does Not Care Who You Think Her Kids’ Father IsApparently, speculation that it’s B.J. Novak doesn’t bother her.
  3. mental health
    My Manic First Days of MotherhoodPostpartum psychosis convinced me I was thriving as a new mom. But was any of it real?
  4. dubious
    Who Would Want to Give Birth Once a Week?Gal Gadot, apparently.
  5. childbirth
    Gwyneth Paltrow Says She ‘Almost Died’ Giving Birth to Her DaughterIn a new podcast episode, she revealed that she had an emergency C-section for her daughter, Apple.
  6. conversations
    Eavesdropping on Miranda July and Maggie NelsonThe artists discuss longing for touch, the complications of parenting, and July’s new film, Kajillionaire.
  7. grimes and elon
    Behold: Elon Musk and Grimes’s BabyHis name is X Æ A-12 Musk, and his dad is already using elaborate Instagram filters on him.
  8. coronavirus
    New York Launches COVID-19 Maternity Task ForceIt will help set up dedicated birthing centers to ease the burden on hospitals.
  9. it’s complicated
    My Husband Cheated When I Was 7 Months PregnantBefore his infidelity ended our marriage during my third trimester, my husband and I shared a love of food.
  10. fiction
    Greta and the Baby“Things would be different for her daughter, she decided. She would tell her something more like the truth.”
  11. wait what
    A 74-Year-Old Woman Just Gave Birth to TwinsAnd may have set a new world record in the process.
  12. my two cents
    How Much Does It Actually Cost to Give Birth?There are ways to make your hospital bill less of a mystery.
  13. babies!
    I Love This Gay Penguin Couple and Their New Baby ChickLove is alive and well.
  14. maternal health
    What It’s Like to Be a Doula for Women of ColorSix doulas in New York City discuss the challenges of their jobs.
  15. new mom
    The New Mom’s Guide to SexTen moms discuss sex after pregnancy.
  16. me me me
    My Sponsored Birthday Party Made Me Rethink My Dream of Being an InfluencerHere’s how fun — and demanding — the day actually was.
  17. me me me
    I Convinced Brands to Sponsor My Birthday PartyHere’s how I, a non-celebrity, made it happen.
  18. kontinuity errors
    Let Me Lead You Through the Darkness of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan ThompsonGrab a flashlight!
  19. women of the world
    What It’s Like to Give Birth in a Refugee Camp“When the ambulance first arrived to the camp, an EMT told me that they needed proof the baby was my baby.”
  20. complications
    Serena Williams Shares Her Intense Birth StoryThe tennis star suffered dangerous complications after giving birth to her daughter.
  21. it’s complicated
    All the Things I Worry About As My Non-Binary Partner Prepares to Give BirthAttending birthing classes with my partner made me realize the people delivering our baby had no idea how to handle our needs.
  22. bearing children
    Breastfeeding Is for OverachieversMoms with privilege often strive for the parenting versions of gold-star standards.
  23. single ladies
    Female Zebra Shark Gives Up on Shark Men and Mates With HerselfAfter being separated from her mate for three years, Leonie the shark reproduced asexually.
  24. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian Discuss the Best Way for Women to Give BirthMeanwhile, Chyna prepares to have a baby.
  25. good things
    Lucky Baby Gets a Lifetime of Free Flights After Being Born on PlaneA woman unexpectedly gave birth while in midair.
  26. Here’s Another Way Midwives Make C-sections Less LikelyVaginal birth after Caesarean: It’s an option!
  27. the war on women
    Why Did Facebook Remove This Photo of a Woman and Her Newborn?Shouldn’t a group about birthing be able to post a photo of, you know, birth?
  28. birth case scenarios
    How to Deliver a Baby (If You Absolutely Have To) In case you’re ever stuck on the train with a woman in labor.
  29. tough mudder
    Hero Woman Redefines ‘Natural Birthing Plan’She gave birth in the wilderness, fought bees, and then started a forest fire.
  30. babies
    Scarlett Johansson Has Given BirthWelcome, Rose Dorothy.
  31. pregnant princesses!!
    8 Mommy Trends That Kate Middleton Might TryFrom hypnobirthing to baby birding, rated on a scale of likelihood.
  32. quotables
    Channing Tatum Experienced ‘Crying Fits’ While His Wife Was Giving BirthHe was just so amazed at the human birth process.
  33. career politics
    The Maternity Leave Arms RaceMarissa Mayer returns to work next week. Are working moms overcompensating?
  34. carine!
    Carine Roitfeld’s Debut CR Issue Will Be Birth-ThemedShe released her first editor’s letter on her new website today.
  35. a different kind of baby pool
    Josie Maran Gave Birth in a Baby Pool in Her BackyardWell, that sounds more scenic than a bathtub.