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  1. keeping up with kylie
    Excuse Me, Who’s Going to Clean This Up?For Kylie Jenner’s birthday, Travis Scott covered her home in loose flower petals.
  2. let them eat (sad) cake
    Sometimes Alex Rodriguez’s Sad Birthday Cake Is the Best You Can DoAppreciating this sad cake that’s doing its best.
  3. celebrity
    Behold, Kourtney Kardashian’s Lifelike Bathtub Birthday CakeHer 40th birthday party was elaborate.
  4. keeping up with the royals
    Kate Middleton Celebrated Her Birthday in a Very British WayHow the duchess reportedly spent her big day.
  5. celebrity
    Lord of the Rings Is the Perfect Theme for Your 30th Birthday PartyVanessa Hudgens knows.
  6. bffs
    There’s One Thing Missing From Taylor Swift’s Birthday Party for Selena GomezSwift must really love her friend.
  7. royals
    Kensington Palace Releases Adorable Photo of Prince George On His BirthdayThe little prince turns five today.
  8. gallery
    Life in Pictures: Dr. RuthThe sex therapist celebrated her 90th birthday this month.
  9. birthdays
    Donald Trump Jr. Offers Up Bleak Birthday Message to His Absent Dad“Hopefully he’s watching … I imagine he is.”
  10. presents
    Here’s What George Clooney Got Amal for Her BirthdayThe couple celebrated Amal’s 40th.
  11. almost weight watchers approved
    Oprah Hosts an ‘Almost’ Healthy Birthday Dinner for Her Best Friend Gayle King“It’s almost Weight Watchers–approved.”
  12. hot shot
    The Pope Celebrated His Birthday With a Giant PizzaHe blew out a single candle in the middle.
  13. Malala Celebrates Birthday at Iraq Amusement Park With Girls Who Escaped ISISShe invited young girls who lived under ISIS to an amusement park.
  14. everyday sexism
    This Lawmaker Smashed a Bikini-Shaped Cake to Protest Her Colleagues’ MisogynyApparently it was supposed to be a (highly offensive) joke.
  15. political fashion
    Katy Perry Gave Herself — and Hillary Clinton — a Birthday Gift“HBD to me and HRC.”
  16. Beyoncé Is Reportedly Throwing Herself a Soul Train-Themed Birthday PartyGet ready for lots of fringe.
  17. happy birthday
    Everything Prince George Has Accomplished in 3 Years of LifeA birthday retrospective.
  18. That’ll Be 76 Trombones for Ms. Jennifer GarnerThe actress celebrated her 44th birthday with a marching band.
  19. happy birthday sweet prince
    Happy Birthday, Ed Sheeran, You Mysterious Ginger PrinceI hope you have a good day even though you are a mystery to me.
  20. royal baby
    Prince George, This Is Your Life!A birthday retrospective.
  21. birthdays
    Malala Marked Her First Day of Adulthood by Opening a School The Nobel Peace Prize–winning activist spent the day with Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  22. earnings report
    Kate Winslet Earns Her Birthdays, Thank You Very MuchAnd you can, too! 
  23. fresher than you
    Lil Wayne Threw His Daughter a Glorious Super-Sweet 16A lil’ fête for his lil’ girl.
  24. How Much Can You Really Change After You Turn 30?Changing gets harder, and goes slower, in adulthood. But you’re not totally stuck with yourself.
  25. love bites
    Is 49 the Age Guys Are Most Likely to Cheat?According to one study, yeah. 
  26. psychology
    We Make Our Big Life Decisions at 29, 39, and So OnThe years before beginning a brand-new decade tend to be spent in self-reflection.
  27. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Celebrated Her Birthday With a Wedge of Cleavage In Las Vegas.
  28. turning 30
    Prince Harry’s Birthday Party Had a Ski-Nightclub ThemeHis 30th birthday party. 
  29. prime time
    The Power of 29: An Ode to Being Almost 30It’s the moment when everything starts to turn around.
  30. naked birthdays!
    Kim Kardashian Wishes Riccardo Tisci a Naked Happy BirthdayAnd there’s her Givenchy wedding veil.
  31. When Do Kids Realize They’re Going to Grow Up?Because this little girl really doesn’t want her brother to get older.
  32. male gaze
    One Direction Is Now 4 Years OldHappy birthday.
  33. And Now, Our $300K Birthday Wish ListThe Overspenders are baaaaack.
  34. Happy Birthday, Vivienne Westwood!Today she turns 73.
  35. birthdays
    Happy 50th Birthday, Elle Macpherson!“The Body” hits a milestone tomorrow.
  36. birthdays
    Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!She is 28 today.
  37. birthdays
    You Don’t Have to Be Oprah to Torture Your FriendsSoulCycle birthdays for everyone.
  38. lookbook
    Happy Birthday, Keira Knightley!She turns 29 today.
  39. quotables
    At 80, Gloria Steinem Is No Longer Sex-ObsessedIt’s kind of a relief, she says.
  40. birthdays
    No Girls Allowed at Robin Thicke’s Birthday PartyLeonardo DiCaprio isn’t a girl.
  41. spin cycle
    Oprah Just Had the Best Birthday Experience EverOprah’s soul goes to SoulCycle.
  42. milestones
    Happy Birthday, Carolina Herrera! She’s 75 today.
  43. birthday kiss
    Happy Birthday, Christy Turlington!A birthday kiss from Naomi Campbell. 
  44. male gaze
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Pamuk!Lady Mary’s first lover just turned 29.
  45. birthdays
    Taylor Swift Had a Perfect, Prim, Pretty Birthday PartyRed balloons, pink roses — and Lorde.
  46. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Feast Your Eyes on Frank Sinatra Ol’ Blue Eyes would have been 98.
  47. birthday suits
    Nicki Minaj Got a Boob Cake for Her BirthdayOne boob said “HAPPY,” the other said “BIRTHDAY.”
  48. girl crushes
    Happy Birthday, Joan Didion!The ur-literary girl crush is 79 today.
  49. male gaze
    Celebrate Jeff Bridges’s Brithday With This Shirtless PictureCelebrate with a blast into his (topless) past.
  50. happy birthday
    Happy Birthday, Scarlett JohanssonShe’s 29!
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