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Black Lives Matter

  1. kerry washington
    Kerry Washington Tweets About Deborah Danner, Black Lives Matter, and MoonlightThe gladiator had some things to get off her chest.
  2. serena williams
    Serena Williams Refuses to Stay Silent About Racial Inequality in Powerful Post“It’s not how far we have come but how much further still we have to go.”
  3. black lives matter
    Will This Girl’s Heartbreaking Speech Finally Put a Stop to Police Brutality?It’s a devastating plea.
  4. black lives matter
    Facebook Removed a Woman’s Powerful Black Lives Matter Protest VideoIt took hours for the platform to restore her video.
  5. motherhood
    I’m White. My 4-Year-Old Son’s Black. How Do We Talk About ‘Bad Guys’?Why did my preschooler ask if a black biker were “bad”?
  6. black lives matter
    Get Over White Feelings to Work for Black LivesOne group is providing training wheels for white people who are new to racial-justice activism.
  7. black lives matter
    WNBA Players Won’t Be Fined for Anti-Violence Shirts After AllThe altered shirts worn during pregame warm-ups landed players in hot water.
  8. WNBA Players Fined for Anti-Violence ShirtsThey are prohibited from altering their warm-up shirts in any way.
  9. black lives matter
    Maxwell Osborne Tells Fashion to Step Up for Black Lives Matter“What Black Lives Matter taught me is that you can only be silent for so long before you feel parts of yourself die.”
  10. Ebonee Davis Addresses Racism in Fashion“The time for change is now.” 
  11. Meet the Activist Organizing Black Lives Matter Protests at Men’s Fashion WeekThe reactions ranged from tearful hugs and handshakes to eye-rolls.
  12. hashtag menswear
    Black Lives Matter Activists Protest at Men’s Fashion WeekIt was a silent call to action.
  13. black lives matter
    The Baton Rouge Black Lives Matter Protest in One Powerful PhotoThe woman stood her ground and even looked serene as officers handcuffed her.
  14. black lives matter
    Castlin Dedicates Run to Gun-Violence SurvivorsThe 100-meter-hurdler is headed to Rio as part of the U.S. Olympics Track and Field team.
  15. black lives matter
    Castlin Dedicates Run to Gun Violence SurvivorsThe 100m-hurdler is headed to Rio as part of the U.S. Olympics Track and Field team.
  16. black lives matter
    Surviving Suffocating Sadness When You’re Black and ConfusedA lesson in self-care.
  17. police brutality
    Beyoncé Writes Note Condemning Police BrutalityShe’s urging people to contact their local governments and demand change.
  18. roundtables
    Young, Black, and Watching RootsTwo editors weigh in on the first episode of the four-part mini-series.
  19. gabrielle union
    Gabrielle Union Finally Knows She’s ‘Dope and Fly and Amazing’On going from feeling like “a joke and a loser” to realizing her self-worth.
  20. black lives matter
    How Do We Make Up for the Way Our Nation Fails Black Women and Girls?Melissa Harris-Perry, Beverly Bond, and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman explain.
  21. roundtables
    Black Girls Rock! Is the Celebration We Need and DeserveUnpacking the significance of the ten-year-old event.
  22. social impact
    Black Lives Matter’s Opal Tometi on the HashtagHow three words sparked a national movement.
  23. for colored girls
    #BlackGirlsAreMagic. Sorry If You Don’t Agree.How a hasthtag spurred both pessimism and praise.
  24. race
    Does Asking White People for Moral Self-Reflection About Race Actually Work?A meeting between Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter activists highlights two differing approaches to solving American’s race problem.
  25. black lives matter
    Trayvon’s Mother: ‘I Have Not Forgiven’“It hurts every time I see another tragedy in the news,” says Sybrina Fulton. 
  26. say her name
    5 Black Women Have Died in Jail This MonthRaynetta Taylor was found dead in a Mount Vernon holding cell on Monday.
  27. black lives matter
    Topless Protesters Rally for Female Victims of Police BrutalityProtesters shut down traffic in San Francisco yesterday to draw attention to the black women who have been killed by police.
  28. black lives matter
    It’s Time to Talk About the Female Victims of Police BrutalityTheir stories don’t fit the conventional narrative, but they need to be heard.