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  1. kids these days
    Video: Watch Tavi Style a Model One Year Older Than She IsAnd order around other people who are much older than she is.
  2. kids these days
    Tavi Makes Her Editorial Styling Debut in BlackBookOn ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ daughter Christine Staub.
  3. kids these days
    Tavi Is Styling Christine Staub for BlackBook’s September IssueApparently she’s quite good at it, too.
  4. model tracker
    Are Models Being More Honest About Their Diets These Days?’BlackBook’ thinks so, and uses Gisele, Doutzen, and others as proof.
  5. loose threads
    The Obama Effect Sweeps Fashion Week; BlackBook DownsizesAlso, Elise Overland likes smoking opium.
  6. model tracker
    Lydia Hearst Now Interns at BlackBookHer tasks today consisted of mailing stuff, just like non-famous interns have to do!