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Blake Lively’s Preserve

  1. celeb side hustles
    Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Is No Longer for Sale She will Goop no more.
  2. keeping score
    Martha Stewart Grades Her Lifestyle StudentsWhich celebrity lifestyle brands pass the ultimate test?
  3. chic
    Literally, Je Ne Sais Quoi: Blake Lively’s Notes on French Fashion A post on her website about French chic, striped shirts, and counting. 
  4. judgement day
    Martha Stewart Allowed Blake Lively to Defend HerselfAt a panel on Saturday. 
  5. sepia toned news
    Blake Lively Announces Her Artisanal Pregnancy A bundle of joy wrapped in a blog post.
  6. peace at last
    Blake Lively Conquers Her Fear of Bees, for BeyoncéBeyoncé cures all.
  7. undaunted courage
    Blake Lively Survives Vicious Bee AssaultPricked but not vanquished. 
  8. blake’s not lively
    No Single Profession Could Contain Blake LivelyContending with Martha Stewart’s recent advice. 
  9. martha stewart living
    Actually, Martha Stewart Wants to Be the Next Blake LivelyComments from the idol. 
  10. sad things
    Here’s the Saddest Perfume Collection in the WorldA living mausoleum to soon-to-be dearly departed scents.
  11. blake’s not lively
    Terrifying GIFs of Blake Lively’s Lifestyle WebsiteJust a man, casually chatting to a gravestone. 
  12. blake’s not lively
    Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Blog Looks Like a Horror MovieBlack background, white print. 
  13. why tuesday?
    No One Gets Blake Lively’s JokesMore details on Preserve. 
  14. blake’s not lively
    Blake Lively Gave a Creepy Name to Her Lifestyle BlogA foreboding title.