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  1. blind items
    Which Brilliant Celeb Had Chipotle Delivered During the CFDAs?They are a genius.
  2. year in review 2018
    The Anonymous Gossip From 2018 I Can’t Stop Thinking AboutPlease tell me which celebrity put her partner’s clothes through a paper shredder.
  3. best of 2017
    The Juiciest Anonymous Gossip of 2017Here are the best blind items of the year.
  4. blind items
    How One Gossip Blogger Leaks Celebrity News Without Getting SuedThe anonymous blind-item master Enty explains how he leaks all the juicy celebrity-divorce drama without getting sued.
  5. Kanye West Wrote ‘I Am a God’ After Fashion Week DisWhich designer slighted him?
  6. blind items
    The Model in the Epic Pants-Peeing Blind Item?And that would be Kate Moss.