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  1. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    4 Different Ways to Conquer Nasty Cellulite From gentle to borderline masochistic.
  2. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    The Guide to Living Life UnscentedFor those of you who have fragrance sensitivities — or don’t want to smell like a million scents at once.
  3. experiments
    My Week With Passive Exercise: Losing Weight Without Working Out?Weighted sneakers, ab belts, seaweed wraps, and more.
  4. political scents
    Soon You Can Rub Some ‘Mint Romney’ All Over YourselfObama’s smells like citrus, for lack of a better pun.
  5. beauty marks
    Demi Moore Denies Ever Getting Plastic Surgery; Woman Will Go to Court for Botched BrazilianAnd at-home haircuts are on the rise during the economic downturn.