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  1. horror stories
    Turns Out Cotton Swabs Can Potentially Kill YouA man developed a potentially deadly skull infection after a bit of cotton got stuck in his ear.
  2. photography
    Celebrating the Body As a Fashion OddityUnconventional fashion photography is the trend in the new book Posturing.
  3. frenching
    What Hanging Out With Naked Parisians Taught Me About the Perfect BodyIt’s all going to be okay.
  4. say no to the dress
    What the Rise of the Couture Body Means for FashionThe looks at the Met Gala epitomized our post-fashion moment.
  5. knuckle cracking
    Here’s an MRI Video of What Happens When You Crack Your KnucklesIt’s weird to watch.
  6. first person
    I’d Been Fat All My Life, But Tinder Taught Me I Had a ‘Fetish Body’I’m not sure I’d call that a confidence-booster.
  7. first look
    First Look: Anatomy by Malerie Marder [NSFW]A different look at the Netherlands’s female prostitutes.