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Body Hair

  1. hairy situations
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Laser Hair RemovalShould you buy that Groupon deal and never wax again?
  2. hairy situations
    25 Famous Women on Waxing and ShavingHow Rihanna, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, and more deal with body hair.
  3. wellness theories
    Cameron Diaz on Water, Aging, and Those Body-Hair Comments “Aging really is your responsibility.”
  4. hairy situations
    Your Grown-Out Bush Needs Attention, TooAddressing the final category in hair care.
  5. hairy armpits
    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Pit Hair Know before you grow.
  6. back hair don’t care
    Back Hair Surpasses Pubic Hair As Most Political HairMen feel bad about their bodies; reclaim natural beauty.
  7. women against shaving body hair
    Madonna Shows Off Her Impressive Armpit HairShe’s a body-hair pioneer.