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  1. celebrity
    Raven Symoné Says She Had Two Breast Reductions Before 18She hoped that if she got liposuction, people would “stop calling me fat,” she said on her podcast.
  2. celebrity
    Bebe Rexha Is Leaking Texts, TooShe posted a screenshot of an exchange about her weight to Instagram but shared no other details.
  3. artificial intelligence
    Turns Out Chatbots Aren’t Great at Eating-Disorder CounselingThe National Eating Disorders Association has disabled its helpline chatbot after it shared harmful advice with users.
  4. encounter
    What If You Weren’t Scared of Your Kid Being Fat?Journalist Virginia Sole-Smith wants to change the way parents think about healthy eating.
  5. health
    How Our Definition of Healthy Fails Black WomenWhat I’ve learned in my years as a dietitian.
  6. extremely online
    Could Thin Be in Again?The 2022 body is more worryingly aspirational than ever.
  7. culture
    Taylor Swift, Fatphobia, and MeSwift should know better than to use “fat” as a bad word.
  8. celebrity
    Billie Eilish Thinks of Her Body As Her ‘Ugly Friend’“It’s a crazy world for women and women in the public eye.”
  9. culture
    Adele Is ‘Unfazed’ by the Public Obsession With Her WeightShe spoke with Oprah Winfrey as part of her One Night Only TV special.
  10. swellness
    Can PMS Give You Body Dysmorphia?How hormone swings affect your body image.
  11. body image
    How I Stopped Saying Horrible Things to MyselfIf you want to love your body, you have to stop insulting it.
  12. celebrity
    A-Rod Wants to Show You His Revenge BodHe’s very proud of his quarantine glow-up.
  13. how i get it done
    ‘There Is No Such Thing As a Cookbook Emergency’Let Julia Turshen teach you to love home cooking, embrace community-supported agriculture, and abandon diet culture.
  14. how i get it done
    How a Model Turned Muay-Thai Fighter Gets It DoneTalking to Mia Kang about Zoom photo shoots, blocking trolls, and self-soothing with skin care.
  15. swellness
    My Life Would Be Perfect If I Had Kristen Stewart’s JawCan facial exercises give you a sharper jawline?
  16. thanksgiving
    What It Means to ‘Feel Fat’It’s subtly different, and more fleeting, than having an overarchingly unhealthy body image.
  17. september issues
    Beyoncé Wrote a Love Letter to the FUPAIn Vogue, no less.
  18. Selena Gomez’s Yacht Video Aims to Debunk the ‘Beauty Myth’The earnest caption appears to be a response to paparazzi photos.
  19. body image
    Piers Morgan (Yes, Him) Condemns Victoria Beckham for Using Ultrathin ModelsHe wrote a column calling the models in Victoria Beckham’s new ads “emaciated.”
  20. body image
    Kelly Clarkson Says She Was Suicidal When She Was ‘Really Skinny’“But, no one cared, because aesthetically you make sense.”
  21. body image
    Why Can’t We Be More Honest When We Talk About Weight Loss?Relax, it’s okay to be on a diet.
  22. body image
    Trump’s Excuse for Never Exercising Is Truly AmazingAnd definitely not scientifically sound.
  23. our casual dysmorphia
    Teen Girls With Body Image Issues Are More Likely to DrinkSays a sad new study.
  24. body image
    The Irrational History of Hating Stretch MarksWhy do we loathe what most of us have?
  25. body positivity
    Danielle Brooks Gave Herself a Quick Self-esteem Check at the Gym“Today’s Danielle is better than yesterday’s.”
  26. body diversity
    Model Ashley Graham on Why We Need Curvy BarbiesThe curve model and body-image activist got her own doll.
  27. our casual dysmorphia
    There’s No One Type of Runner’s BodyCurve model Candice Huffine on her new women’s running club.
  28. Is Trump Turning ‘Fat’ Into a Swear Word?With the way he talks about Rosie O’Donnell, it sure sounds like it.
  29. fat-shaming
    This Beauty Queen Dropped Out of a Pageant to Stand Up for Body PositivityMiss Iceland 2015 says the owner of Miss Grand International told her to lose weight.
  30. our casual dysmorphia
    Women Are Still Terrified of Being OverweightGuess the body-positive movement still has some work to do.
  31. politics
    The Ad for a Congressional Candidate in Maine Touches on Body-Image Struggles“It’s very personal.”
  32. election 2016
    Watch Hillary Clinton Respond to a Teen Girl’s Question About Body Image“You are more than the way you look.”
  33. fit moms
    This Original ‘Fit Mom’ Now Feels Badly About Shaming Moms for Not Working Out“No excuses” mom has found an excuse.
  34. Amy Schumer Was Told Women Can’t Weigh More Than 140 Pounds in HollywoodThe American dream.
  35. body image
    Donald Trump Just Told All of America His Weight, Can You ImagineSo brave.
  36. body image
    American Men Are Pretty Happy With Their PenisesA new study offers the first in-depth look at mens’ penile hang-ups.
  37. This Fashion Blogger Shows How Absurdly Tiny Sample-Size Clothes Actually AreCan we please get realistic here?
  38. Breastfeeding Helped Me Stop Worrying About My Big BoobsOnce you outgrow a 38GG bra, do numbers even mean anything?
  39. body positivity
    25 Famous Women on Body ImageBody positivity from Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, Adele, and more.
  40. Body-Image Issues Start As Young As 3New research suggests our body struggles may start way before middle school.
  41. swellness
    Women Hate Their Bodies Slightly Less Than They Used ToBut still more than men hate theirs.
  42. size matters
    Jordyn Woods on Loving Your Body and InstagramJordyn Woods on plus-size modeling and what it’s like being Kylie Jenner’s best friend. 
  43. weighty matters
    First-Graders Learn Core Concepts Like Writing, Counting, and Fat-ShamingElementary school can be rough, man.
  44. We Asked New York Women to Draw Their Breasts“Never have more martinis than you have breasts.”
  45. can u not
    Don’t Ask Me to Share My Dress Size, ThanksSize is just a number, so put it on display!
  46. body positivity
    Why Whoopi Goldberg and Her Daughter Chewed Off Barbie’s Arms“I wanted to explain to her that she didn’t have to look like that.”
  47. our casual dysmorphia
    World’s Worst Mirror Scans Your Body and Tells You Precisely How Fat You AreEnhanced body shame for just $499.
  48. body image
    Erin Heatherton Was Told to Lose Weight Twice, before her last two Victoria’s Secret shows.
  49. bad sex
    The Girls and Sex Problem Affects Adult Women, TooTeens aren’t the only ones who could stand to learn about pleasure.
  50. hairy situations
    Zendaya on How to Love Yourself and Your HairTalking to America’s wisest teen, who says she’s “19 going on 90.” 
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