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  1. body image
    Topshop Will Ditch Dubiously Sized MannequinsThe latest retailer to concede that its fiberglass models are unreasonably proportioned.
  2. dong watch
    Here Are Your Penis Beauty StandardsIs your dick hot? Or not?
  3. fitbragging
    The Pros and Cons of the ‘Sexy’ Sports Bra Joining the legions of the shirtless.
  4. studies
    The People Who See Monsters in the MirrorSnippets from interviews with individuals who have body dysmorphic disorder. 
  5. pretty hurts
    Watch Melissa McCarthy Explain Double Standards in HollywoodShe describes confronting a terrible sexist journalist about beauty standards.
  6. body image
    France Moves to Crack Down on Ultrathin ModelsBut will it actually do anything?
  7. The Photographer Who Captures Fat-Shaming on CameraTalking to Haley Morris-Cafiero about her powerful photographs of strangers reacting to her body.
  8. pretty hurts
    Nobody Wants to Be the Girl on a DietI’ve known smart women who go to extremes to hide that they watch what they eat. I’ve been one of them.
  9. body image
    Going to School With Older Kids Gives Girls Body-Image IssuesElementary school as a shield against societal nastiness.
  10. body image
    Women Who Wear Hijabs May Have a Better Body ImageWhat the hijab tells us about standards of beauty from different parts of the world.
  11. Obsessing Over Celebrity ‘Bumps’ Can Harm Mom-Baby ConnectionIt’s bad news for the mental health of some pregnant women, new research says. 
  12. To Run Faster, Worry Less About Being SkinnyCultural mores were keeping teen runners not just unhealthy, but slower, too.
  13. q&a
    Q&A: The Woman Fighting Back Against Beauty AdsTalking to the creator of The Illusionists, a new documentary about advertising and body image.
  14. science says
    Study: Facebook Continues to Make People SadIncreased time on the site promotes negative body image.
  15. feminism
    The Revolution Will Not Be Screen-Printed on a ThongEven if the ads feature unretouched photos.
  16. unconventional mannequins
    Mannequins With Ever More Insane ProportionsLife imitating fiberglass, imitating life. MAKE IT STOP.
  17. micro-fame
    ‘Am I Pretty or Ugly?’: When Teen Girls Court HatersCaught in the feedback loop between haters and fame.
  18. body talk
    Wearing a Size 2 Does Not Make You HappyBut being a size 12 does.
  19. eating your feelings
    Maybe We’re Not Emotional, Just HungryWild!
  20. fall fashion issue
    Warning: I Will Employ the Word ‘Fat’Lionel Shriver on the subject that consumes us.
  21. body image
    Girls and Body Image: Why Barbie’s Not SellingThey all possess ultra-thin body frames.
  22. body politic
    On Christine Quinn: Must We (All) Talk About Our Eating Disorders?Though rampant, eating disorders are still a source of embarrassment among powerful women.
  23. cut guides
    Ways to Deal With Friends on The New ‘Fast Diet’Every fad diet demands a social game plan.
  24. don't weight up
    Balenciaga’s History of Dressing Fat WomenCristóbal couldn’t refuse a good zaftig gal.
  25. our casual dysmorphia
    Study: Being a Fat Woman Is CriminalMale jurors judge obese female defendants more harshly.
  26. reality bites
    Fat Girl Revenge to Make Us Eat Many FeelingsAnd then how will we fight off bullies?
  27. model law
    Israel’s Ban on Too-Skinny Models Went Into Effect TodayWill 2013 be the year of the substantial inner thigh?
  28. our casual dysmorphia
    Study: Your Vagina Is Fine How It IsContrary to what vaginal-rejuvenation providers want you to think.
  29. the end of men
    Now Men Hate Their Bodies As Much As Women DoNot the kind of equality we’re looking for. 
  30. our casual dysmorphia
    No One Feels Bad About Lena Dunham’s ThighsPhew. 
  31. the opposite sexts
    Body Acceptance in the Age of the SelfieCan naked self-shots improve self-esteem?
  32. forced confessions
    Katie Couric and Demi Lovato Bond Over BulimiaKatie’s couch is emerging as the top spot for stars to explain their food issues. 
  33. reclaiming things
    Cat Marnell Reclaiming Bulimia Now“It’s part of being a woman.”
  34. scientific rationalization
    Keep Up the Yo-Yo Dieting, Say ScientistsPass the cayenne pepper.
  35. quotables
    Margaret Cho Will Always ‘Defend [Her] Loveliness’And she’ll do so ruthlessly. Team Cho!
  36. model tracker
    MTV’s New Model Reality Show Is All About Getting Contestants to Lose Weight’Model Maker’ is a competition for “overweight” contestants to jump-start their modeling career by getting skinny.
  37. body issues
    One Aspiring Model Isn’t Thin Enough, Turns to Cocktailing’America’s Next Top Model’ casting directors and agents from top agencies told Tatiana Stewart to drop at least ten pounds.
  38. body issues
    Trying On Clothes Makes Women Less ConfidentA new poll reveals 88 percent of women “reevaluate” their bodies after they try on clothes in a changing room.
  39. body issues
    Oprah’s, Gwyneth’s, and Beyoncé’s Delusional Detox DietsDoctors say detox diets don’t really improve your health. But let’s take a look at the extreme plans a few famous ladies follow anyway.
  40. cult of personality
    The Real Reason Mariah Carey Brought a $20,000 Gym to LondonShe’ll probably hold interviews with the British press in it to discuss her recent weight loss, since that’s been her main tactic for promoting her new album.
  41. body issues
    Britain Fights Photoshopped Magazine ImagesJudging from the clavicle action on the runways this past Fashion Week, the British Fashion Council’s Model Health Inquiry hasn’t had a major effect on catwalks, but the council is pushing for change in editorial departments.
  42. body issues
    Online Miss Bimbo Game Promotes Anorexia, Angers BritsMis Bimbo is an online game that allows girls ages 9 to 16 to compete to become the best bimbo by losing weight, buying sexy outfits, and getting plastic surgery.
  43. body issues
    Model Eats, Obviously Sent Home From ParisHere’s a good one from Paris: It’s not as if the scant body mass indexes on runways are good things. But the absurdity marches on, and still some strong-headed young things refuse to accept the conventions of modeling’s narrow vision.
  44. body issues
    New British Agency Bans Size 0 ModelsWe’ve known for a long time that in order for the number of frighteningly thin models on runways and in magazines to diminish, someone would actually have to do something rather than just talk about it. It would have been awesome if that person were, say, Marc Jacobs, but we’ll settle for Camille Parker Bowles’s nephew Ben Elliot. He’s just launched a modeling agency in the U.K. called Quintessentially Models which doesn’t sign any “size 0” girls.
  45. body issues
    Lessons Learned From ‘Elle’ Editor’s Derriere DiaryAnne Slowey is the fashion news and accessories editor at Elle. We base this on nothing more than looking at her pretty picture and reading what she’s written, but she strikes us as one of those women who’s a perfectly normal size but can’t help but strive to be thinner, because she — like everyone else in the world, ourselves included — can’t remember what a healthy woman looks like. Allow us to explain.