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Body Issues

  1. body positivity
    25 Famous Women on Body ImageBody positivity from Serena Williams, Meryl Streep, Adele, and more.
  2. body issues
    Trans Athlete Chris Mosier Will Appear in the 2016 ESPN ‘Body Issue’Chris Mosier is a runner and cyclist who transitioned in 2010.
  3. can u not
    Tween Magazine Helps Instill Body IssuesIt’s never too early.
  4. size matters
    Male Celebrity Now Knows What It’s Like to Be a Female CelebrityWentworth Miller got fat-shamed. 
  5. our casual dysmorphia
    What 10 Nude Athletes Can Teach You About Loving Your Body“I think it’s important to show that athletes come in all shapes and sizes.”
  6. cut chat room
    What Is the ‘Dadbod’? What Does It Mean?And: Is it attractive?
  7. body issues
    Bulimia Comes Out of the ClosetA handful of women are starting a conversation that challenges the usual stereotypes and shame of bulimia.
  8. body issues
    Finally, ESPN’s Body Issue Gives Us a Naked, Old Man77-year-old Gary Player “did not do anything special for the shoot.”
  9. gone viral
    The Strange Case of Christina Aguilera’s Fake ‘Fat Girl’ QuotesWhen wishful thinking goes viral.
  10. interview
    The Plastic Surgery DealerBeauty consultant Melinda Farina raises eyebrows.
  11. the opposite sexts
    Body Acceptance in the Age of the SelfieCan naked self-shots improve self-esteem?
  12. quotables
    Tavi Doesn’t Think Seventeen Was Strong“I don’t know that they changed anything.”
  13. don’t weight up
    Teen Vogue: Prepare for Tomorrow’s ProtestersThe same group that demonstrated against Seventeen magazine will pay a visit to the Condé Nast building tomorrow.
  14. Seventeen Magazine Makes ‘Body Peace Treaty’Editor Ann Shoket promises “to show real girls as they really are.”
  15. the curvy campaign
    Apparently Using Fuller-Figured Models Wins You AwardsCongrats, Mark Fast!
  16. don’t weight up
    Instagram Bans ‘Thinspo,’ Won’t Promote Self-Harm Content“Any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders … will result in a disabled account without warning.”
  17. don’t weight up
    Why Is It So Hard For People to Tell What Size They Are?New studies show that people are very bad at gauging their own weight.
  18. cha-chung
    Alexa Chung Defends Her Weight on InstagramShe then made her account private.
  19. body issues
    Doutzen Kroes Won’t Discuss Her Body StrugglesBoth were interviewed by eating disorder specialist Jean Fain at Harvard.
  20. body issues
    Franca Sozzani’s Harvard Speech on Thinness“What led us to establish that thin is beautiful and that thinness is the aesthetic code we should follow?”
  21. diet mom
    Dara-Lynn Weiss’s Book Publisher SpeaksVery cautiously.
  22. diet mom
    Dr. Joanna Dolgoff Responds to Dara-Lynn Weiss’s Vogue ArticleThe doctor who founded the Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right “nutritional program” defends herself.
  23. sizing up
    Mexico Will Get Its Own Special Clothing Sizes SoonApparently the average Mexican is a very different size than the average European or American.
  24. body issues
    Movie Critics Unhappy With Lawrence’s ‘Baby Fat’Fortunately, no one made a Katniss/Fatniss joke. (Yet.)
  25. pinterestingly enough
    Pinterest Bans Pro-Anorexia and ‘Thinspiration’ BoardsThe company changed its acceptable use policy, effective April 6. 
  26. body issues
    Israel Passes Law Banning ‘Underweight’ ModelsBecoming the first country ever to do so.
  27. body issues
    Study Backs Government Censorship of Overly Thin Models“To curb the spread of a potential epidemic of food disorders.”
  28. body issues
    Adele Responds to Karl Lagerfeld’s Fat CommentMost of us don’t.
  29. body issues
    The CFDA’s ‘Well Balanced Life’ PanelTears! Confessions! Protein recommendations!
  30. body issues
    Crystal Renn Is Still Being Peppered With Questions About Her Weight Loss“I have been every single size in fashion.”
  31. body issues
    Breaking: Not All Brazilians Look Like GiseleApparently, the country’s swimwear industry is just beginning to notice.
  32. body issues
    The CFDA Releases Model Health Guidelines for Fashion WeekThese guidelines come out every year, but how much of a difference are they really making in addressing models’ eating disorders?
  33. body issues
    The CFDA Wants You to Be Healthy This Fashion WeekThey’re organizing a panel discussion on “A Well-Balanced Life.”
  34. diets
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Know All About Her CleanseShe’s also trying to sell it to you.
  35. pregnant models
    Ambrosio Kept Her Pregnancy a Secret at VSShe was worried she wouldn’t be able to walk in the show.
  36. fat season
    Marisa Miller Knows the TRUE Key to ThinnessDon’t wear clothes!
  37. body issues
    NPR Wonders If Spandex Enables Us to Be Fatter“I think that spandex is made to accommodate people who are overweight.”
  38. body issues
    Franca Sozzani: ‘I Made a Mistake’ Removing That Karlie Kloss Image“The picture is beautiful and that’s all.”
  39. body issues
    Where Are All the Plus-Size Male Models?The women are booking some good fashion work, but can any of their shapely male counterparts do the same?
  40. false alarms
    Wegmans Covered Up Adele’s Cosmo CoverBut apparently, they do this all the time.
  41. body issues
    Adriana Lima Does Not Recommend Her Liquids-Only DietDon’t try this at home!
  42. backlash
    Versace Rejects ‘Real Women’ for H&M Line Shoot“Donatella will likely not approve shooting the collection on real women,” a publicist told them.
  43. body issues
    Miley Cyrus Suggests People Not Ruin Other Girls’ Self-Esteem by Calling Her FatShe tweeted a photo of Marilyn Monroe that read, “Proof that you can be adored by thousands of men even when your thighs touch.”
  44. victoria’s secret fashion show
    The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Upon UsThe annual glitter and panty party tapes in New York tomorrow. We’ve recapped all of today’s major news items about it.
  45. body issues
    Why Models Make The Switch to Plus-Size Modeling? Sick of starving themselves, these women decided to stop promoting an unrealistic body ideal.
  46. body issues
    Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Secret Diet Sounds fun!
  47. body issues
    Jessica Simpson Says the ‘Decision Not to Make [Her]self Anorexic Was Actually Great for Branding’She says it helped people to stop seeing her as a ditzy blonde.
  48. body issues
    Taylor Lautner’s Abs Intimidate Robert Pattinson“OK, I’m getting a six pack.”
  49. gimmicks
    A British Hairstylist Opened a Special Salon for Overweight PeopleIt has extra-large chairs and robes.
  50. body issues
    Moving to New York Made Garance Doré Gain WeightWell, it gave her a muffin top with “softer” fat, to be precise.
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